Use the onscreen keyboard with VoiceOver on iPad

  1. Select a text field, then double-tap.The insertion point and the onscreen keyboard appear.
  2. Enter text using one of the following methods:
    • Standard typing (default): Select a key on the keyboard by swiping left or right, then double-tap to enter the character. Or move your finger around the keyboard to select a key and, while continuing to touch the key with one finger, tap the screen with another finger. VoiceOver speaks the key when it’s selected, and again when the character is entered.
    • Touch typing: Touch a key on the keyboard to select it, then lift your finger to enter the character. If you touch the wrong key, slide your finger to the key you want. VoiceOver speaks the character for each key as you touch it, but doesn’t enter a character until you lift your finger.
    • Direct Touch typing: VoiceOver is disabled for the keyboard only, so you can type just as you do when VoiceOver is off.
    • Dictation: Use a two-finger double-tap on the keyboard to start and stop dictation.

To enter an accented character, use one of the following methods:

  • Standard typing (default): Select the plain character, then double-tap and hold until you hear a tone indicating alternate characters have appeared. Drag left or right to select and hear the choices. Release your finger to enter the current selection.
  • Touch typing: Touch and hold a character until the alternate characters appear.

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