Control Center brings menu bar items such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Sound together in a single place. Plus you get additional controls and instant access to them all.

To view Control Center, click the Control Center icon  in the menu bar.

Click an item in Control Center to see additional controls for that item. For example, click Wi-Fi to choose from a list of nearby networks, click Sound to choose an audio device, or click Display to see options for Dark Mode, Night Shift, or True Tone.

If you prefer an item to appear on its own in the menu bar, just drag it from Control Center to the menu bar:

macOS Big Sur Control Center dragging Bluetooth from Control Center to desktop menu bar

Control Center is available by upgrading to macOS Big Sur

How to customize Control Center

  1. Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Dock & Menu Bar.
  2. Select an item in the sidebar.
  3. Use the controls to choose whether to show the item in the menu bar, in Control Center, or both.
    • Some items always appear in Control Center. Other items, such as Accessibility Shortcuts, Battery, and Fast User Switching, can be added or removed.
    • Some items, such as Do Not Disturb and Sound, can be set to show in the menu bar always or only when active.
    • The preview area on the right shows the fixed position of each item in Control Center. 

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