Use App Clips on iPhone

An App Clip is a small part of an app that lets you do a task quickly, like rent a bike, pay for parking, or order food. You can discover App Clips in Safari, Maps, and Messages, or in the real world through NFC tags, QR codes, and App Clip Codes—unique markers that take you to specific App Clips. (App Clip Codes require iOS 14.3 or later.)

On the left, an NFC-integrated App Clip Code with an iPhone icon in the center. On the right, a scan-only App Clip Code with a camera icon in the center.

Get and use an App Clip

  1. Get an App Clip from any of the following:
    • App Clip Code or QR code: Scan the code using the iPhone camera or Code Scanner in Control Center.
    • NFC-integrated App Clip Code or NFC tag: Hold iPhone (supported models) near the NFC tag.
    • Safari or Messages: Tap the App Clip link.
    • Maps: Tap the App Clip link on the information card (for supported locations).
  2. When the App Clip appears on the screen, tap Open.
    An App Clip shown at the bottom of the iPhone Lock Screen.

In supported App Clips, you can use Sign in with Apple, then make a payment using Apple Pay.

An App Clip showing the Apple Pay button at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the screen, a banner provides a link to the app in the App Store.

With some App Clips, you can tap the banner at the top of the screen to see the full app in the App Store.

Remove App Clips

  • Remove a specific App Clip: In the App Library, tap Recently Added, then touch and hold the App Clip you want to delete.
  • Remove all App Clips: Go to Settings  > App Clips.

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