TurboClean™/PowerForce®/PowerClean/PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner how to assemble & disassemble | Support


  • Remove the collection & solution tanks before laying the unit flat 
  • Make sure pressure is applied to the front of the unit while at the same time turning the screw on the back with a screwdriver
  • Place a free hand on the front of the unit in order to apply pressure 
  • It may be necessary to lay the unit on the ground face down and apply downward pressure on the screwdriver to insert the screw


  • First, unscrew the bottom 2 screws of the machine with a Philips head screwdriver
  • Grab the bottom body of the machine and pull towards you to remove

Read more: https://manuals.plus/bissell/turboclean-powerforce-powerclean-powerbrush-carpet-cleaner-how-to-assemble-disassemble-support-3#ixzz7eazKrJlS

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