• Dimensions
    8 x 2 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight
    3 ounces
  • Batteries
    2 AAA batteries required
  • Compatible Devices
  • Colour
  • Brand


When you turn on your television for the first time, it begins the Initial Setup process. Your TV pairs with the Samsung Smart Control during the initial setup.

Compatible TV Models (FXZA models are also compatible): Samsung BN59-01199F Remote Control, Works with most standard Samsung TVs and Samsung Smart TVs, including Smart Hub button BR> Compatible TV Models (FXZA models are also compatible). Samsung BN59-01199F Remote Control, Works with most standard Samsung TVs and Samsung Smart TVs, includes Smart Hub button UN32J4500AF, UN32J5205AF, UN32J525DAF, UN40J5200AF, UN40J520DAF, UN40J6200AF, UN40J6200AF, UN40J6200F, UN40JU6400F, UN40JU640DF, UN43J5200AF, UN43JU640DF, UN48J5200AF, UN48J520DAF, UN48J520DAFDXN, UN48J6.

Performing the Initial Setup

  1.  Place the Samsung Control in front of the television.
  2.  To turn on the TV, press the button on the Samsung  Control, and then follow the on-screen instructions. You can use the Samsung Control to move the pointer on the screen once your Samsung Smart Control has been paired. Move the Samsung Control after placing a finger on the POINTER button. The screen’s pointer moves in the same direction as the Samsung Control. Press the POINTER button to select items. See “The Samsung Smart Control” on page 6 for further information on how to use the Samsung Smart Control.


This is a special remote control for visually impaired persons and has Braille points on the Power, Channel, and Volume buttons.


Installing the battery size


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this work with a Un48j5000afxza?
    Yes, definitely works with this TV. I have it, but it is smaller in size than the original remote that came with the TV, and the keys are close to each other. This is not an issue though.
  • How to find a closed caption on the Samsung remote?
    To access closed captioning, first, go to the menu button. Second, look for accessibility and select that option. Look for closed captioning and select that one. That should do it.
  • How do I pair this remote with my firestick?
    This remote will not control your firestick or any other devices connected to your television. If you lost your firestick remote you can always download an app on your phone that will operate as a remote assuming you have home wifi.
  • Does this work for un65ru7300?
  • Will this work with Samsung 50″ class 4k UHD 2160p led smart tv with hdr un50nu6900?
    Yes it works
  • Will this work with pn42a400c2dxza?Well, I do not know it for sure, but what I know is that this one works fine for most Samsung plasma and led tv´s on the market, at least for the main features like on/off, volume, Chanel, etc. But, here is an option that works for this specific model that you ask for: Universal Replacement Remote Control Fit For Samsung PN42A400C2DXZA PN42A410 PN42A410C1D Plasma LCD LED HDTV TV. (You can buy it here at amazon),
  • Will this remote work for the Samsung tv model un55d6400ufxza or un55d6400uf? 
    Honestly, I’m not sure.. I have a Samsung tv and worked fine. I didn’t have to program it.
  • Will this work on my Samsung bn69-10646p-00?
    Yes it we work with it because my TV model number is not the same as my tv but it works perfectly.
  • how do you open the remote to install batteries?
    There is a LONG slide cover on the back of the remote. Put thumb in indention on the cover and push down. Can do easy.
  • Will this work for model # un43ru7100fxza?
    It should work just fine with Samsung.
  • Will it work for tv model # un40j5200?
    Yes, this will work perfectly on that model…if you purchase from Awesome Remote Controls you also have 60 days to return/exchange just in case.
  • Will this remote work with the Samsung tv model ln40c630k1f?It may work only with a universal remote.
  • Will it work with un55d7000lfxza?
    It may or may not work. The original remote for your tv model is Samsung part# BN59-01134B
  • Will this work with Samsung un55mu6290?It works on my 60 inch I would presume that would probably work on his 55 but if he has the old one just reorder what the old one is I did mine just to have an extra one.
  • Will it work with any Samsung HD tv?
    The basic features will work with any Samsung TV made after 2011, but the remote might be missing advanced features (such as 3D).
  • Will it replace 90325?If it looks like your current remote then it will- otherwise I don’t know. Evidently, Samsung remotes are pretty standard for Samsung TV.
  • Will this work on model number un65ks8500f tv?
  • does it have the same functions as the BN59-01223A?
  • Will this work for 00996A
    Yes, with works for 00996A
  • Will this work with un55ru8000fxza model?
    Yes, this works with un55ru8000fxza.
  • Does it work for 37″ tv ln37b650t1fxza?
    Yes it works
  • Will this work with un4oju6400f?
  • Wher is input button?
    The source button is the input button.
  • ln32b530 will it work for this model?Yes it works

will this work with samsung un40ku6300f ?

Yes, it works on samsung un40ku6300f.

Is it 1 or 3 remotes


Does this remote have the Media P button below the volume control or does it have a menu button below the volume? It is picture both ways.

the real object is the same as the first picture (namely the main picture), there is no Media p button, and there is a menu button below the volume.

Do this remote compatible with samsung model un75nu69507?

Yes,it compatible with un75nu69507.

Can this one work for LG tv?

No,It only work for Samsung TVs,best regards.

Universal remote for a tcl. Roku

No,it only works for Samsung TVs

Is the remote compatible with Samsung BN6807838D?

Yes but very bad quality and it acts crazy when using nothing like the original remote

Will this work with a samsung ln46a630? it’s a 2008 1080p lcd tv

Yes,it will.

can it operate other devices as well as samsung tv?

No only samsung tv

Is there settings button ?

you can use the menu or the tool button to set.

Has anyone been able to connect this remote to amazon fire stick?

It only works with Samsung TVS.

Will this operate the volume of a sound system that is hooked up to the Samsung tv?


Does this work with un65ku630df and un40n5200af?

Don’t buy this… it’s a cheap knock-off that doesn’t work correctly and goes through batteries like crazy.

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