Steps to redeem FREE Singtel CAST subscription

  1. Select [Apps] on the TV launcher bar
  2. Select [Samsung Promotion] under Editor’s Choice
  3. Click [Open]reedeem step 1
  4. Look for Singtel CAST] promotion. Click [Get it
  5. Click Confirm
  6. Copy down the Redemption Code for activation. Click Open.reedeem step 2
  7. Launch CAST App on your TV
    1. From the available options, select <Redeem>
    2. Enter Redemption Code
    3. Create or Sign in with your CAST ID
      1. New to CAST? Create a CAST ID with your email address / mobile number.
      2. Already have a CAST ID? Please sign in with your CAST ID and password.

Documents / Resources

SAMSUNG Steps to Redeem FREE* Singtel CAST Subscription [pdf] Instruction Manual
SAMSUNG, Steps, to, Redeem, FREE, Singtel, CAST, Subscription

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