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Please read this manual before using the device to ensure safe and proper use.

Images may differ in appearance from the actual product. Content is subject to change without prior notice.
Before using the LED View Cover, make sure it is compatible with your device.
Verify that the NFC function is working properly before using the device with the LED window functions, Auto Screen On/Off feature, or Theme Curation Service feature active.
If your device is running Mobile Device Management (MDM) or is located near a metallic object, the NFC function may not work properly.
If you flip the front cover and block the back of the mobile device, the NFC function may not work properly.
The LED View Cover contains magnets. Keep cards with magnetic strips only in the pocket of the LED View Cover.
While using the case, be cautious to prevent scratches or damage from debris.
Package contents
LED View Cover
Quick start guide
The items supplied with the device and any available accessories may vary depending on the region or service provider.
The supplied items are designed only for this device and may not be compatible with other devices.
Appearances and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
You can purchase additional accessories from your local Samsung retailer. Make sure they are compatible with the device before purchase.
Use only Samsung-approved accessories. Using unapproved accessories may cause the performance problems and malfunctions that are not covered by the warranty.
Availability of all accessories is subject to change depending entirely on manufacturing companies. For more information about available accessories, refer to the Samsung website.
Device layoutlayout
Using the LED View Cover
Attaching or detaching the LED View Cover
Attach the LED View Cover to your mobile device ( 1 ) and close the cover ( 2 ) to use it.image

To detach the LED View Cover, open the LED View Cover and pull on the bottom of it to remove it from the mobile device.

Answering or rejecting calls
You can answer or reject a call on your mobile device using the LED window without opening the LED View Cover.
To answer a call, drag your finger to the right on the LED window. To reject a call, drag your finger to the left on the LED window.
To stop an alarm or timer, drag your finger to the right on the LED window.

You cannot answer or reject an incoming call on the LED View Cover during a video call.
The LED window may not work while wireless charging.
It is recommended to remove your device cover before using the Wireless PowerShare feature.
Unlocking the mobile device’s screen automatically
You can set your mobile device to unlock automatically when the LED View Cover is opened.
On your mobile device, tap Settings → Advanced features → Accessories, and then activate the automatic unlock feature.

This feature is available only when secure lock is disabled.

Setting LED images
Using your mobile device, you can create and set LED images to display for contacts during incoming calls or for notifications on the LED window.
On your mobile device, tap Settings → Advanced features → Accessories, and then use the LED icon editor feature.
You can also use the LED icon editor app that appears when you attach the LED View Cover to the mobile device.

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SAMSUNG Smart LED View Cover [pdf] User Manual
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