Smart IoT Service

Open with your smartphone
Your smartphone is the door key. You can unlock the door with the mobile app, ‘sHome Doorlock’.
Check your family’s arrival in real-time
Check family members’ safe return on your smartphone wherever you are.

Check door access history anytime
Easily check who used the door and when directly from your smartphone (up to 30 records).

※ For Smart IoT Service above, must download & activate the app, ‘sHome Doorlock’ on the smartphone.
※ SHP-DS705 is compatible with selected Bluetooth-enabled smartphones (4.0. or above).
However, certain functions may not be supported depending on the hardware specifications.
※ Compatible Samsung Smart phones: Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note3, Galaxy Note4, Galaxy Note5

Smart Features

Low battery alert
The mobile application ‘sHome Doorlock’ will notify you when the batteries are low and need to be replaced.

Silent access mode
You can mute the outside key sound when you come home late at night.

Do-not-disturb mode
Blocks every attempt to unlock a door with RF key tags, PIN code for your protection and privacy.


Touchpad randomizer
Pressing the random two digits is a smart way to prevent would-be thievesfrom scanning your fingerprints to figureout which digits will open the door.

Anti-theft mode
Once you set up this mode, the alarm sounds when a thief tries to exit the door. sounds when a thief tries to exit the door.

Fire warning
This mode is activated, by the sound of an alarm when it detects abnormally high temperatures inside your house. Helping yourecognize the risk of fire and unlocking itself
helping you evacuate.


PowerAA Alkaline 1.5V Batteries (LR6) 4EA (6V)
Emergency Entry Power9V Batteries (6LF22) (Separately sold)
AccessibilityPassword, RF Card, Key Tag,
*Selected Bluetooth-enabled Smart Phones
Weight0.8 kg (including both inner and outer bodies)
SizeOuter Body 41mm (W) x 41mm (H) x 9.5mm (D)
Inner Body 70mm (W) x 53mm (H) x 22mm (D)

※ The contents of this documentation are subject to change without prior notice to the user in order to enhance performance of the product.


“Samsung Smart Doorlock” is according to the ISO 14443 Type A Standard, only key tags, cards, smart phones registered to Samsung SDS may be used. Using unauthorized products that do not follow Samsung Smart Lock specifications may cause the doorlock system to malfunction. Please use the key tags and cards provided upon purchase.
If you have any questions, please contact (email address needs to be updated)

Documents / Resources

SAMSUNG Smart Door Lock [pdf] Instruction Manual
SAMSUNG, SHP-DS705, Smart Door Lock, GO Digital Lock

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