SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch User Guide

List of Packaged Items

  • Main unit (Protective film (sample) attached)
  • SIM card removal tool (sample)
  • USB cable (CtoC) (sample)
  • (Quick Start Guide)(Japanese)
  • Notes on Usage (Japanese)
  • Sample for data transfer Manual) (Japanese)

◎ Please use specified charging equipment (sold separately).
◎ The battery is built into the product.
◎ Illustrations used in this manual are just images for explanations. They may be different from actual ones.
◎Do not fold the product in the reverse direction. That may cause the product to get damaged.
◎ When folding the product, do not place any objects, such as cards, coins, or keys, on the main display. The display may be damaged.
◎ The protective film (sample) attached to the main display is for the product only. For protecting the main display, do not remove the protective film (sample). Doing so might cause the product to break or damage.
◎ The product is not dustproof. Do not put fine particles such as sand into the device.

  • For the latest information, please refer to the (Full Instruction Manual)” (Japanese), available on the homepage of the contracted carrier.
  • For the latest information on the product, refer to the following website. (Japanese)
  • The contents described in this manual may be different due to the version upgrade of the software of this product or the change/end of service. And the content of this manual is subject to change without notice.

Attaching SIM Card

SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch

Turning the Power On

  1. Press and hold for over 2 seconds
    SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - Side key
  2. Unlock the screen
    SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - Unlock the screen

◎ Press and hold SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - slide key (Side key)/Fingerprint recognition sensor and lower side of Volume key simultaneously for over 7 seconds, when the power cannot be turned off in the usual way or the screen freezes.

Names of Parts

SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - Name of Parts1
SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - Name of Parts2
  1. Mouthpiece/Microphone (upper)*1
  2. Tray eject hole
  3. SIM card tray
  4. Magnet part*2*3
  5. Front camera*4
  6. Proximity/Light sensor*5
  7. Main display (touch panel)*4*6*7*8
  8. Receiver/Speaker*1*9
  9. Volume key
  10. SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - slide key (Side key)/Fingerprint recognition sensor
  11. Vent hole*1
  12. Mouthpiece/Microphone (lower)*1
  13. USB Type-CTM connection terminal (external connection terminal)
  14. Speaker*1
  15. Rear camera*4
  16. Flash/Light
  17. 5G/4G antenna part*10
  18. Wireless charging position
  19. 4G antenna part*10
  20. 5G/4G/GPS/Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® antenna part*10
  21. Cover display (touch panel)*4
  22. SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - mark mark

*1 Be careful to not cover over with your fingers, etc., while relevant functions are being used. In addition, do not insert the SIM card removal tool (sample) into the product since this might cause damage.
*2 The product contains magnets, which may affect medical devices, such as pacemakers or implantable cardioverter-defibrillators. If you are using any of these medical devices, keep your device a safe distance from them and consult with your physician before you use the device.
*3 Keep a safe distance between your device and objects that are affected by magnets. Objects such as credit cards, passbooks, access cards, boarding passes, or parking passes may be damaged or disabled by the magnets in the device.
*4 Do not press with a hard or sharp object, such as a pen or your fingernail. Doing so could result in scratching or puncturing them.
*5 Do not cover with the sticker, etc. Functions may not work correctly.
*6 A protective film (sample) is already attached to the display.
*7 The product’s main display has a crease in the center of it, but this is the product’s normal state.
*8 Do not attach adhesives, such as films or stickers, to the main display.
*9 The product uses it for both a receiver and a speaker.
*10 The antenna is built into the main unit. Covering around the antenna by hand may affect calling quality/communication quality.

SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - symbolSAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - symbol 1SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - symbol 2SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - mobail icon

Cell phone and PHS operators collect and recycle unused telephones, batteries, and battery chargers at stores bearing the SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch - mobail icon logo regardless of brand and manufacturer to protect the environment and reuse valuable resources.

October 2021, 1st Edition
Manufactured by: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Documents / Resources

SAMSUNG SCG12 Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch [pdf] User Guide
SCG12, Z Flip3 5G Smartwatch

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