Samsung RF26 model French door refrigerator error codes

Samsung RF26 model French door refrigerator error codes

These error code explanations can help you diagnose a problem with your Samsung RF26 French-door refrigerator. For repair how-to help, visit the PartsDirect repair help section, which includes repair help for major appliances, lawn and garden equipment, garage door openers, vacuum cleaners and more. Search for your model number to find a complete list of replacement parts for your refrigerator.

This refrigerator displays an error code on the freezer and refrigerator temperature digital displays when the control detects a component failure. The freezer temperature display shows the number designation of the code and the refrigerator temperature display shows E.

When the control detects a communication error between the control panel and the electronic control board, the freezer temperature display shows Er and the refrigerator display shows Pc.

Refer to the chart below to find the cause of the error code and get troubleshooting advice to clear the code.

The refrigerator may work properly even though the control displays an error code. A power outage can sometimes cause the control to detect a problem and display a code. The control may continue to display the code even if the component failure no longer exists. To reset the display so it shows freezer and refrigerator temperatures, press and hold the Power Freeze and Power Cool buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds. The error code will disappear and the display will resume normal operations.

If the code reappears on the display, follow the troubleshooting steps in the chart below to fix the problem and clear the code.

If you cleared an error code from the display and encounter cooling problems in the refrigerator, the component problem that caused the code likely still exists even though you cleared the code from the display. You can redisplay a detected error code by pressing and holding the Power Freeze and Power Cool buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds. The display will chime and display the code for 30 seconds. The display will then revert back to showing freezer and refrigerator temperatures.

Follow the troubleshooting steps described for the code to fix the component failure and clear the code.

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