* When installing the TV as wallmount, You can place the One Connect Box as shown below.
* To install using a wall mount, be sure to use the supplied HOLDER-WALL RING.


Wall mount


 QN65QN8**A56.8 inches (1443.7 mm)32.6 inches (828.4 mm)0.7 inches (16.9 mm)35.3 inches (897.4 mm)11.8 inches (300.6 mm) 64.5 inches50.0 lbs (22.7 kg)67.9 lbs (30.8 kg)
 QN65QN9**A56.4 inches (1433.1 mm)32.3 inches (819.9 mm)0.6 inches (15.2 mm)35.1 inches (892.0 mm)11.8 inches (300.5 mm) 64.5 inches48.7 lbs (22.1 kg)66.4 lbs (30.1 kg)
Dimensions 02
Dimensions 03



How to Connect


How to Assembly

Step: 1

How to assemble-001

Step: 2

How to assemble-002

Step: 3

How to assemble-003

Step: 4

How to assemble-004

Step: 5

How to assemble-005

Step: 6

How to assemble-006

Step: 7

How to assemble-007

Documents / Resources

SAMSUNG QN65QN9**A 65 inch Neo QLED 8K Smart TV [pdf] Installation Guide
QN65QN9 A, 65 inch Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, QN65QN9 A 65 inch Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, 8K Smart TV, Smart TV

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