About the Buttons on the Samsung Smart Remote

(Power)Press to turn the TV on or off.
   (Voice Assistant)Runs Voice Assistant. Press and hold the button, say a command, and then release the button to run Voice Assistant.[ Keep the remote more than 0.6 inches (15.24 mm) from your face when using and speaking to Voice Assistant through the mic on the remote.•    The supported Voice Assistant’s languages and features may differ by geographical region.
 (Number button)When pressed, a number strip appears on the bottom of the screen. Select numbers and then select Done to enter a numeric value. Use to change the channel, enter a PIN, enter a ZIP code, etc.
(Color button)Use these colored buttons to access additional options specific to the feature you are using.
1 Directional button (up, down, left, right) Use to navigate the menu or move the focus to highlight items on the Home Screen.
 2 SelectSelects or runs a focused item. When pressed while you are watching a broadcast program, detailed program information appears.
 (Return)Press to return to the previous menu. When pressed for1 second or more, the running function is terminated. When pressed while you are watching a program, the previous channel appears.
(Smart Hub)Press to return to the Home Screen.
 (Play/pause)When pressed, the playback controls appear. Using these controls, you can control the media content that is playing.
 (Volume)Move the button up or down to adjust the volume. To mute the sound, press the button. When pressed for1 second or more, the Accessibility Shortcuts appears.
 (Channel)Move the button up or down to change the channel. To see the Guide screen, press the button.Press and hold the button up or down to quickly change the channel.
3 (Launch app button)Launch the app indicated by the button.
 +  (Pairing)If the Samsung Smart Remote does not pair to the TV automatically, point it at the front of the TV, and then press and hold the  and  buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds or more.

Documents / Resources

SAMSUNG QLED TV Smart Remote Teardown [pdf] Instructions
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