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  • For the latest version of the manual, refer to the Samsung website,
  • EF-DT870 is optimised to connect with the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 5G, and EF-DT970 is optimised to connect with the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7+ and Galaxy
    Tab S7+ 5G.
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Getting started

Package contents

  • Stand cover
  • Keyboard
  • The items supplied with the device and any available accessories may vary depending on the region or service provider.
  • Appearances and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Device layout

► Stand cover:


► Keyboard:


Attaching the keyboard

  1. Check the location of the camera and the camera hole, and then align each corner of the S Pen cover with the tablets.
  2. Attach the S Pen cover first, and then press down the rest part of the stand cover
  3. Line up the connectors of the tablet and the keyboard, and then attach the keyboard to the tablet. You can use the keyboard instantly.

iconYou can use the keyboard as a screen cover. The screen turns off when you cover it with the keyboard, and it turns on when you open the keyboard.

iconDo not apply excessive pressure on the keyboard while covering the tablet’s screen. Doing so may cause screen damage.

Adjusting the tablet angle

You can adjust the tablet angle with the stand cover. Flip out and adjust the stand until you find the desired angle.

  • Do not tilt the stand cover excessively. Doing so may cause damage to the hinge.
  • Do not apply pressure to the tablet’s screen while the angle of the stand cover is adjusted low. Doing so may cause the stand to fall over.

Using the keys

Set the input language on the tablet before you use the keyboard. For more information about setting the input language, refer to the tablet’s user manual.

► EF-DT870:

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab User Manual

Using the Keyboard

► EF-DT970:

iconFor more information about Samsung DeX, refer to the tablet’s user manual.

Using the touchpad

You can use the touchpad to control the cursor on the tablet screen or use the additional features.

  Actions  Functions
  Clicking/ Tapping  Click
  DraggingMove the cursor.
Holding and draggingMove the selected object.
Tapping with two fingersOpen the context menu.
Dragging with two fingersScroll the page.Write in the handwriting mode.
Spreading/ PinchingZoom in/ Zoom out
Dragging up/down with
three fingers
Dragging left/right with
three fingers
Switch between apps.
Tapping with three fingersBack

Storing the S Pen

  1. Attach the S Pen to the tablet as shown in the image below.
    iconMake sure to place the nib of the S Pen to face the camera. The S Pen will not charge if it is misplaced.
  2. Cover the S Pen with the S Pen cover.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab [pdf] User Manual
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