SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 Slim Book Cover Keyboard User Manual


Failure to comply with safety warnings and regulations can cause serious injury or death
Do not use damaged power cords or plugs, or loose electrical sockets
Unsecured connections can cause electric shock or fire.
Do not touch the device, power cords, plugs, or the electric socket with wet hands or other wet body parts
Doing so may cause electric shock.
Do not pull the power cord excessively when disconnecting
 Doing so may cause electric shock or fire.
Do not bend or damage the power cord
Doing so may cause electric shock or fire.

Do not use the device with wet hands while the device is charging
Doing so may cause electric shock.
Do not directly connect together the charger’s positive and negative terminals
Doing so may cause fire or serious injury.
Do not use your device outdoor during a thunderstorm
Doing so may result in electric shock or device malfunction.
Use manufacturer-approved batteries, chargers, accessories, and supplies

  • Using generic batteries or chargers may shorten the life of your device or cause the device to malfunction. They may also cause a fire or cause the battery to explode.
  • Use only a Samsung-approved battery and charger specifically designed for your device. An incompatible battery and charger can cause serious injuries or damage to your device.
  • Samsung cannot be responsible for the user’s safety when using accessories or supplies that are not approved by Samsung.
    Do not carry your device in your back pockets or on your waist
  • The device may be damaged, explode, or result in a fire if too much pressure is applied to it.
  • You may be injured if you are bumped or fall.
    Do not drop or cause an impact to the charger or the device
    Handle and dispose of the device and charger with care
  • Never dispose of the battery or device in a fire. Never place the battery or device on or in heating devices, such as microwave ovens, stoves, or radiators. The device may explode when overheated. Follow all local regulations when disposing of used batteries or devices.
  • Never crush or puncture the device.
  • Avoid exposing the device to high external pressure, which can lead to an internal short circuit and overheating. Protect the device, battery, and charger from damage
  • Avoid exposing your device and battery to very cold or very hot temperatures.
  • Extreme temperatures can damage the device and reduce the charging capacity and life of your device and battery.
  • Do not directly connect together the battery’s positive and negative terminals and prevent them from coming into contact with metal objects. Doing so may cause the battery to malfunction.
  • Never use a damaged charger or battery.
    Do not store your device near or in heaters, microwaves, hot cooking equipment, or high-pressure containers
  • The battery may leak.
  • Your device may overheat and cause a fire.
    Do not use or store your device in areas with high concentrations of dust or airborne materials
    Dust or foreign materials can cause your device to malfunction and may result in fire or electric shock.
    Prevent the multipurpose jack and the small end of the charger from contact with conductive materials, such as liquids, dust, metal powders, and pencil leads
    Conductive materials may cause a short circuit or corrosion of the terminals, which may result in an explosion or fire.
    Do not bite or suck the device or the battery
  • Doing so may damage the device or result in an explosion or fire.
  • Children or animals can choke on small parts.
  • If children use the device, make sure that they use the device properly.
    Do not insert the device or supplied accessories into the eyes, ears, or mouth
    Doing so may cause suffocation or serious injuries.
    Do not handle a damaged or leaking Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery
    For safe disposal of your Li-Ion battery, contact your nearest authorized service center.

The device contains magnets. The American Heart Association (US) and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (UK) both warn that  magnets can affect the operation of implanted pacemakers, cardioverters, defibrillators, insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices (collectively, “Medical
Device”) within the range of 15 cm (6 inches). If you are a user of any of these Medical Devices, DO NOT USE THIS DEVICE UNLESS YOU HAVE CONSULTED WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN.


Failure to comply with safety cautions and regulations can cause injury or property damage

Do not use your device near other electronic devices

  • Most electronic devices use radio frequency signals. Your device may interfere with other electronic devices.
  • Devices with speakers are especially susceptible to interference.

Do not use your device in a hospital, on an aircraft, or in automotive equipment that can be interfered with by radio frequency

  • Avoid using your device within a 15 cm range of a pacemaker, if possible, as your device can interfere with the pacemaker.
  • To minimize possible interference with a pacemaker, use your device only on the side of your body that is opposite the pacemaker.
  • If you use medical equipment, contact the equipment manufacturer before using your device to determine whether or not the equipment will be affected by radio frequencies emitted by the device.
  • On an aircraft, using electronic devices can interfere with the aircraft’s electronic navigational instruments. Make sure the device is turned off during takeoff and landing.
  • Electronic devices in your car may malfunction, due to radio interference from your device. Contact the manufacturer for more information.

Do not expose the device to heavy smoke or fumes
Doing so may damage the outside of the device or cause it to malfunction.
If you use a hearing aid, contact the manufacturer for information about radio interference
The radiofrequency emitted by your device may interfere with some hearing aids. Before using your device, contact the manufacturer to determine whether or not your hearing aid will be affected by radio frequencies emitted by the device.
Do not use your device near devices or apparatuses that emit radio frequencies, such as sound systems or radio towers
Radio frequencies may cause your device to malfunction.

Turn off the device in potentially explosive environments

  • Turn off your device in potentially explosive environments instead of removing the battery.
  • Always comply with regulations, instructions, and signs in potentially explosive environments.
  • Do not use your device at refueling points (petrol stations), near fuels or chemicals, or in blasting areas.
  • Do not store or carry flammable liquids, gases, or explosive materials in the same compartment as the device, its parts, or accessories.

If you notice strange smells or sounds coming from your device or the battery, or if you see smoke or liquids leaking from the device or battery, stop using the device immediately and take it to a Samsung Service Center
Failure to do so may result in fire or explosion.
Comply with all safety warnings and regulations regarding mobile device usage while operating a vehicle
While driving, safely operating the vehicle is your first responsibility. Never use your mobile device while driving, if it is prohibited by law. For your safety and the safety of others, use your common sense and remember the following tips:

  • Position your device within easy reach. Make sure you can access your wireless device without taking your eyes off the road. If you receive an incoming call at an inconvenient time, let your voicemail answer it for you.
  • Suspend calls in heavy traffic or hazardous weather conditions. Rain, sleet, snow, ice, and heavy traffic can be hazardous.
  • Dial sensibly and assess the traffic. Place calls when you are not moving or before pulling into traffic. Try to plan calls when your car will be stationary.
  • Do not engage in stressful or emotional conversations that may be distracting. Make the person you are talking to aware that you are driving and suspend conversations that could potentially divert your attention from the road.

Care and use your device properly
Keep your device dry

  • Humidity and liquids may damage the parts or electronic circuits in your device.
  • Do not turn on your device if it is wet. If your device is already on, turn it off and remove the battery immediately (if the device will not turn off or you cannot remove the battery, leave it as-is). Then, dry the device with a towel and take it to a service center.
  • This device has internal liquid indicators fitted. Water damage to your device may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Store your device only on flat surfaces
If your device falls, it may be damaged.

The device can be used in locations with an ambient temperature of 0°C to 35°C. You can store the device at an ambient temperature of -20°C to 50°C. Using or storing the device outside of the recommended temperature ranges may damage to the device or reduce the battery’s lifespan

  • Do not store your device in very hot areas such as inside a car in the summertime. Doing so may cause the screen to malfunction, result in damage to the device, or cause the battery to explode.
  • Do not expose your device to direct sunlight for extended periods of time (on the dashboard of a car, for example).
  • The battery can be stored separately in locations with an ambient temperature of 0°C to 45°C.

Do not store your device with metal objects, such as coins, keys, and necklaces

  • Your device may be scratched or may malfunction.
  • If the battery terminals come into contact with metal objects, this may cause a fire.

Do not store your device near magnetic fields

  • Your device may malfunction or the battery may discharge from exposure to magnetic fields.
  • Magnetic stripe cards, including credit cards, phone cards, passbooks, and boarding passes, may be damaged by magnetic fields.

Prolonged exposure of your skin to an overheated device may cause low-temperature burn symptoms, such as red spots and pigmentation

Do not use your device with the back cover removed
The battery may fall out of the device, which may result in damage or malfunction.
If your device has a camera flash or light, do not use it close to the eyes of people or pets
Using a flash close to the eyes may cause temporary loss of vision or damage to the eyes.
Use caution when exposed to flashing lights

  • While using your device, leave some lights on in the room and do not hold the screen too close to your eyes.
  • Seizures or blackouts can occur when you are exposed to flashing lights while watching videos or playing Flash-based games for extended periods. If you feel any discomfort, stop using the device immediately.
  • If anyone related to you has experienced seizures or blackouts while using a similar device, consult a physician before using the device.
  • If you feel discomforts, such as a muscle spasm, or disoriented, stop using the device immediately and consult a physician.
  • To prevent eye strain, take frequent breaks while using the device.

Reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries
When you repetitively perform actions, such as pressing keys or playing games, you may experience occasional discomfort in your hands, neck, shoulders, or other parts of your body. When using your device for extended periods, hold the device with a relaxed grip, press the keys lightly, and take frequent breaks. If you continue to have discomfort during or after such use, stop using the device and consult a physician.

Protect your hearing and ears when using a headset

  • hearing damage Excessive exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing damage.
  • Exposure to loud sounds while walking may distract your attention and cause an accident.
  • Always turn the volume down before plugging the earphones into an audio source and use only the minimum volume setting necessary to hear your conversation or music.
  • In dry environments, static electricity can build up in the headset. Avoid using headsets in dry environments or touch a metal object to discharge static electricity before connecting a headset to the device.
  • Do not use a headset while driving or riding. Doing so may distract your attention and cause an accident, or may be illegal depending on your region.

Use caution when using the device while walking or moving

  • Always be aware of your surroundings to avoid injury to yourself or others.
  • Make sure the headset cable does not become entangled in your arms or on nearby objects.

Do not paint or put stickers on your device

  • Paint and stickers can clog moving parts and prevent proper operation.
  • If you are allergic to paint or metal parts of the device, you may experience itching, eczema, or swelling of the skin. When this happens, stop using the device and consult your physician.

Do not use the device if it is cracked or broken
Broken glass or acrylic could cause injury to your hands and face. Take the device to a Samsung Service Center to have it repaired.

Install mobile devices and equipment with caution

  • Ensure that any mobile devices or related equipment installed in your vehicle are securely mounted.
  • Avoid placing your device and accessories near or in an airbag deployment area. Improperly installed wireless equipment can cause serious injury when airbags inflate rapidly.
    Do not drop your device or cause impacts to your device
  • Your device may be damaged or may malfunction.
  • If bent or deformed, your device may be damaged or parts may malfunction.

Ensure maximum battery and charger life

  • Batteries may malfunction if they are not used for extended periods.
  • Over time, unused devices will discharge and must be recharged before use.
  • Disconnect the charger from power sources when not in use.
  • Use the battery only for their intended purposes.
  • Follow all instructions in this manual to ensure the longest lifespan of your device and battery. Damages or poor performance caused by failure to follow warnings and
    instructions can void your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Your device may wear out over time. Some parts and repairs are covered by the warranty within the validity period, but damages or deterioration caused by using unapproved accessories are not.

Do not disassemble, modify, or repair your device

  • Any changes or modifications to your device can void your manufacturer’s warranty. If your device needs servicing, take your device to a Samsung Service Center.
  • Do not disassemble or puncture the battery, as this can cause an explosion or fire.
  • Turn off the device before removing the battery. If you remove the battery with the device turned on, it may cause the device to malfunction.

When cleaning your device, mind the following

  • Wipe your device or charger with a towel or an eraser.
  • Clean the battery terminals with a cotton ball or a towel.
  • Do not use chemicals or detergents. Doing so may discolor or corrode the outside of the device or may result in electric shock or fire.

Do not use the device for anything other than its intended use
Your device may malfunction.
Avoid disturbing others when using the device in public
Allow only qualified personnel to service your device
Allowing unqualified personnel to service your device may result in damage to your device and will void your manufacturer’s warranty.
Do not distribute copyright-protected material
Do not distribute copyright-protected material without the permission of the content owners. Doing this may violate copyright laws. The manufacturer is not liable for any legal issues caused by the user’s illegal use of copyrighted material.
This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, please call 1 800 SAMSUNG (726 7864)


Some content and services accessible through this device belong to third parties and are protected by copyright, patent, trademark, and/or other intellectual property laws. Such content and services are provided solely for your personal non-commercial use. You may not use any content or services in a manner that has not been authorized by the content owner or service provider. Without limiting the foregoing, unless expressly authorized by the applicable content owner or service provider, you may not modify, copy, republish, upload, post, transmit, translate, sell, create derivative works, exploit, or distribute in any manner or medium any content or services displayed through this device. “THIRD-PARTY CONTENT AND SERVICES ARE PROVIDED “AS IS.” SAMSUNG DOES NOT WARRANT CONTENT OR SERVICES SO PROVIDED, EITHER EXPRESSLY OR IMPLIEDLY, FOR ANY PURPOSE. SAMSUNG EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. SAMSUNG DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY, VALIDITY, TIMELINESS, LEGALITY, OR COMPLETENESS OF ANY CONTENT OR SERVICE MADE AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS DEVICE AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, SHALL SAMSUNG BE LIABLE, WHETHER IN CONTRACT OR TORT, FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, ATTORNEY FEES, EXPENSES, OR ANY OTHER DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF, OR IN CONNECTION WITH, ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED IN, OR AS A RESULT OF THE USE OF ANY CONTENT OR SERVICE BY YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.”
Third-party services may be terminated or interrupted at any time, and Samsung makes no representation or warranty that any content or service will remain available for any period of time. Content and services are transmitted by third parties by means of networks and transmission facilities over which Samsung has no control. Without limiting the generality of this disclaimer, Samsung expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any interruption or suspension of any content or service made available through this device. Samsung is neither responsible nor liable for customer service related to the content and services. Any question or request for service relating to the content or services should be made directly to the respective content and service providers.

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