• Before installing the product, distinguish the mounting locations of each product. The product with battery status indicator hole and charger jack groove must be attached to the bottom of the charging case.
  • Pull the bottom of the lock with your fingertips to release it,(➊) then open the top of the cover. Align the SAMSUNG logo on the bottom of the cover with the SAMSUNG logo on the top of the GALAXY BUDS PRO / BUDS LIVE in the same direction,() and attach the protrusion of the silicone to the charger jack groove first and then stick it together.
    Close the top of the cover and lower the lock to secure.(➌)
  • After installing the product, if it is not correct, remove it and reinstall it.
  • To prevent damage to the earbuds, first remove the earbuds from the charging case and then remove the product.
  • Remove the product by opening the top of this cover and pressing the part close to the charging jack while holding it by hand. If applying excessive force to the charging case, the charging case may be damaged.
  • When removing silicon,() refer to the diagram to align the SAMSUNG logo with the groove under the cover.
  • This product has a structure that opens the cover horizontally and the device backwards, therefore it is necessary to align the direction of the SAMSUNG logo of the cover and the SAMSUNG logo of the GALAXY BUDS PRO / BUDS LIVE.
  • This product has a rating of IP67(maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes).


To maintain the water and dust resistant performance of the water resistant cover, follow the cautions.

  • Do not leave the cover more than 1 meter depth or for more than 30 minutes.
  • Do not expose the cover to strong water pressure. Water resistanting may be impaired if water pressure is applied suddenly, such as diving.
  • If the cover is exposed to salt water, swimming pool water, soapy water, oil, perfume, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, or chemicals such as cosmetics, wash with clean water, wipe with a soft cloth, and dry it completely. Failure to follow this instruction may affect the performance and appearance of the cover.
  • Wireless charging is capable while covering your device with this cover
  • Moisture, chemical substances mixed with solvents such as acetone, and alcohol, as well as high temperatures may occur stains and wrinkles, discoloration and deformation.
  • Due to the heat generated in the charging case, moisture (waterdrops) may occur due to the difference between the inside and outside temperature of the water resistant cover, and this event cannot be determined as defective.
  • If foreign substances are found on the surface of the product, use it after cleaning.
  • Avoid hot or humid locations when storing the product.
  • If the product is exposed to direct sunlight, the color and shape may change.
  • Please be careful not to rub the product against sharp objects such as nails.
  • Depending on the constitution, allergy, itchiness, eczema, and swelling symptoms will appear. If you experience the above symptoms while using the product, stop using it and consult a doctor.
  • Due to the lack of knowledge of the product detail and the product usage guide, we are unable to accept returns for any disadvantage caused by the user’s carelessness.
  • This product has been tested in a controlled environment and certified to water and dust resistant under certain circumstances. (Required rating IP67 according to International standard IEC 60529:2013) Nevertheless the cover may be damaged under certain circumstances.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Protective Cover [pdf] User Manual
Galaxy Buds Protective Cover

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