How to use Galaxy Buds Live best in audio quality

Unlike most earbuds, Galaxy Buds Live is designed to fit ergonomically. You can simply maximize the sound quality by wearing it in the correct way. If you have problems regarding sound quality, try out the recommended solutions on improving audio quality.
Before you try out the below recommendations for solutions, please check to see if your device’s software and related apps are updated with the latest version. Please check how to update your mobile device’s software In following order

  • Step.1:  Go to Settings > Software update.
  • Step.2 : Tap on Download and install.
  • Step.3:  Follow the on-screen Instructions.

How to wear Galaxy Buds Live properly

Inside Galaxy buds live are AKG tuned speakers that are specifically made to paly it all. the ergonomic delivers impressive sound,like your front row at a concert. ensure that you adjust the erbuds to fit your ears best to appreciate Galaxy buds live.

  • Step.1: Hold the upper and lower sides of each earbud and remove them form the charging case.
    SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live User Guide
  • Step.2: Check the direction of each earbud and point their lower halves (speaker)in the direction of the lower part of your ear.make sure you put the left and right earbud in the correct ear with the speaker facing inward.
  • Step.3: Place the lower and upper halves Into the corresponding parts of your ears, and then adjust the earbuds so they fit
    SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live User Guide
  • If the earbuds are not positioned correctly in your ears, they may not wmk property.
  • If this is the case. use a pair of wing tips that fit your ears and wear the earbuds properly.
  • If the touch-sensitne sensor does not contact with your ear, the earbud may not wort. If you do not hear any sound use the wing tips (that frt sour ears) to inform you that the earbud is detected.

Attaching a wing tip to the ear bud

  • Step.1: Select the wing tip that fits your ear.
  • Step.2:  Select the wing tip for the left or right ear by checking for the L or R mark on the wing tips.
  • Step.3:  Find the I. or R mark on the bottom of wing ups back side and ensure that it is facing the earbud. Hook the wing tip into the fixation hook
    • Do not put the earbuds in your ears without wing tips Doing so may hurt your ears.
    • Do not pull the wing tip excessively when you attach or detach it The wing tip may tear.
    • Do not put the wing tips on the earbuds in the wrong chrecton The earbuds will not fit in your ears property.
      SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live User Guide
  • Step.4: Cover the rest of earbud with the wing tip.
  • Step.5: Follow the same procedure for the opposite earbud.


  • Your device contains magnets, which may affect medical devices, such as pacemakers or implantable defibrillators. if you are using any of these medical devices , keep your device a safe distance from them and consult with your physician before you use the device.
  • Keep a safe distance between your device and objects that are affected by magnets. objects such as card it cards, passbooks access cards,boarding passes or parking passes may be damaged or disabled by the magnets in the device.
  • Follow all posted warnings and directions from authorized personnel in areas where the use of wireless devices is restricted, such as air planes and hospitals.
  • Check.1: Make sure that the size of each earbud is suitable for the size of your ears or ear holes.
  • Check.2: Check for the wireless network environments of device connected with Galaxy Buds Live. Check
  • Check.3: Check if the speaker and the air duct are clean. Check
  • Check.4: Check volume or sound of connected device. Check
  • Check.5: Check version of installed software.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live [pdf] User Guide
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