SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone User Guide

Getting to know your Galaxy A12

SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone

Phone setup

SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Phone setup

Inserting a SIM/microSD card

  1. Use the SIM tool to open the SIM/microSD card tray.
  2. Place the SIM card and the optional microSD card (sold separately) into the tray with the gold contacts facing down.
  3. Before turning on your phone, charge it fully.

Use only charging devices and batteries approved by Samsung. Samsung accessories are designed for your device to maximize battery life. Using other accessories may invalidate your warranty and may cause damage.

Smart Switch

A sure and secure way to move your data to your Galaxy.
Whether you’re coming from an iOS or Android platform, you can easily transfer your data with Smart Switch.
From your new Galaxy device, tap SettingsSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Settings > Accounts and backupSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Accounts > Smart Switch and follow the prompts.
For more information visit

SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Smart Switch

Touch screen

Navigating your phone

  • From the home screen, swipe up to access Apps.
  • Tap Recent SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Recentto view recently viewed apps.
  • Tap Back SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Backto return to the previous screen.
  • Tap HomeSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Home at any time to return to the main Home screen.
    ‐ Press and hold to launch Google Assistant.

Notification panel
Get quick access to alerts, including new messages, emails, and software updates.

  • Swipe down to view the Notification panel.
  • Swipe down to display additional Quick settings.
  • Swipe right to clear individual notifications, or tap Clear to clear all notifications.
SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- touch screen


SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Personalize

Tap and hold a blank space on a home screen to personalize:

  • Wallpaper: Change the look of the Home and Lock screens with a variety of wallpapers.
  • Themes: Change the look for system screens and icons.
  • Widgets: Quickly drag a widget to an empty space on a Home screen for quick access to applications.
    ‐ To move a widget, hold and drag it to a new location.
    ‐ To delete a widget, touch and hold it, and then tap
    Remove from Home.
  • Home screen settings: Customize the look of the Home screen.
    ‐ To add a Home screen, scroll to the right (a screen is displayed with a plus sign) and tap+.
    ‐ To delete a Home screen, touch and hold the screen, and then tapSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- delete.
    ‐ From the app panel, to add an app to the Home screen, press and hold the app and then tap Add to Home.

Calls and voicemail

HD Voice capable
Enjoy crystal clear conversations with HD Voice!
Make a call

  1. From the home screen, tap Phone.
  2. Select an option to place a call:
    • Keypad: Manually enter telephone number.
    • Recents: Return or retry a previous call.
    • Contacts: Call from your address book.
SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- voicemail

Call waiting
To answer a new call while you have a call in progress:
Touch and slideSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- slidein any direction and tap an option.
Check voicemail

  1. From the home screen, tap PhoneSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Make a call.
  2. Press and hold Voicemail 1.
SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Call waiting

To experience Cricket HD Voice, both callers must have a compatible HD Voice-capable smartphone and make the call over Cricket’s LTE Network or a compatible network. Cricket’s LTE coverage is not equivalent to its overall network coverage. HD Voice calls made on a compatible device and on the LTE network may not experience an HD Voice connection at times of network congestion. Other carriers’ networks may interoperate with Cricket’s LTE network to support an HD Voice call.


Send a message

SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Messages
  1. From the home screen, tap messages SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Messages 2>New messageSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- New message.
  2. Enter a phone number or contact name in the Recipient field.
  3. Tap Enter a message and enter your text or touch and hold SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- holdto create an audio message.
    • TapNext to attach an image from the Gallery, capture an image or record a video.
    • Tap +for more attachment options
    • TapSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- emoticon to add an emoticon
    • Tap SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- add a stickerto add a sticker
    • TapSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- add a GIF to add a GIF
    • Tap SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- textfor speech to text
    • TapSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Settings for keyboard settings
    • Tap SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- additional featuresfor additional features
  4. TapSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- send 2 to send the message.

Please don’t text and drive.


Email setup

  1. From the home screen, swipe up for Apps and then tap the Google folder > GmailSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Gmail 2.
  2. Tap GOT IT > Add an email address and follow the prompts to set up.
SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Email

Create and send an email message

  1. From the home screen, swipe up for Apps, and then tap the Google folder > GmailSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Gmail 2.
  2. In the top right, tap your profile picture to switch between accounts.
  3.  Tap +Compose and enter your content.
  4. TapSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- add attachments to add attachments.
  5. Tap SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- send messageto send a message.

Useful apps

These services make using Cricket even better and easier!
 myCricket: Access billing, make a quick payment, view usage and access support from the palm of your hand.
 Visual Voicemail: Quickly view, access and playback your voicemail messages, easily save important numbers to your Favorites lists and respond to messages by calling back or texting.
 theSCOOP: Get news, local weather, sports scores, entertainment and more right to your phone.
 Samsung Members: Get expert support, community connections, insider tips & exclusive perks.
Visit for more information.

Camera & video

Take a picture
From the home screen, tap CameraSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Camera.

  • Tap SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- take a phototo take a photo.
  • Pinch to zoom in or out.
  • TapSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- swipe up or swipe up to take selfies.
  • Swipe right or left to select a shooting mode.
SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- video

Record a video
From the home screen, tap CameraSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- Camera, then swipe left for VIDEO.

  • TapSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- start to start recording.
  • Tap SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- swipe upor swipe up to record selfies.
  • Tap SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- captureto capture a picture while recording.
  • TapSAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- pause to pause recording.
  • Tap SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 Smartphone- endto end recording.

Share a Picture or Video

  1. After taking a picture, tap the Image viewer at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the photo or video you want to share, and then tap Share.
  3. Select the desired option to share your photo or video and follow the prompts.

Note: Press the Side key twice to quickly launch the camera app.

More information

On the web
Detailed support information, including device specifications and the full user manual, are available at
On the phone

  • Call Customer Care at 1-855-246-2461 or
  • Dial 611 from your phone

Cricket offers a full line of accessories.
Visit or your local Cricket retailer..

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