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18″ Dishwasher

Product Short Description

Quiet and ultra efficient, the 18″ Dishwasher is a cleaning powerhouse.

Product Long Description

Quiet and ultra efficient, this 18″ dishwasher combines superior cleaning power with small space–friendly proportions. With settings to automate and optimize cleaning and drying, it also offers Whisper Quiet Cleaning – so you can run it while you enjoy the comforts of home peacefully.

Available Colors

Fingerprint Resistant
Stainless Steel

Fingerprint Resistant
Black Stainless Steel

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Product Messaging

Features and Benefits – DW50T6060
HeadlineFeature NameLong Body CopyShort Body CopyAssociated Image
Clean in peace.46 dBA Whisper Quiet CleaningLess noise and less disturbance with virtually silent wash cycles at 46 dBA. *
*As compared to Samsung model DW80R2031.
Less noise and less disturbance. *
*As compared to Samsung model DW80R2
Dry dishes faster.AutoRelease™ Door-DrySave time drying dishes with a door that automatically opens after the wash cycle to circulate air and improve drying performance.At the end of a cycle, the door automatically opens to circulate air and improve drying performance.
All shine.Fingerprint Resistant FinishFingerprint resistant, for an everyday beautiful finish.Fingerprint resistant, beautiful finish.a close up of a sign
Wash and dry in 60 minutes.Express 60 CycleEat, wash and repeat. The superfast Express 60 Cycle washes and dries lightly soiled cups, plates and cutlery in 60 minutes.The Express 60 Cycle cleans dishes in less time.

Product Specs

Review Mapping
TypeModel #Color
DishwasherDW50T6060USFingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel
DishwasherDW50T6060UGFingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Steel
Spec Sheet

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Spec Sheet – front

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Spec Sheet – back

Energy Guide and Manuals

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Energy Guide

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User Manual

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Installation Manual

Feature Icons

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Documents / Resources

SAMSUNG Dashwasher [pdf] User Guide
Dashwasher, 18 Dashwasher, DW50T6060US, DW50T6060UG

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