SAMSUNG AirDresser User Guide

AirDresser Quick Start Guide

Three simple steps to refreshing with AirDresser:
Please refer to AirDresser User Manual for acceptable fabric types.

Slide out Air Hanger, place garment(s) on Air Hanger, slide back into place. (See below to learn how to use Accessory Rack or Built-In Shelf.)
Fill the water reservoir tank, located on the bottom right of AirDresser. (Remember to empty the drain tank when full.) See below for more information.
Choose the appropriate cycle. See the reverse side of this guide (page 2).
Air Hangers
Your AirDresser comes with three Air Hangers.
A. Simply remove an Air Hanger from the system and use as a regular hanger.
SAMSUNG AirDresser -B. To use your own hanger, simply remove an Air Hanger from the system and replace it with the adaptable Regular Hanging Kit.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – hanging

Water Reservoirs
The refillable, self-contained water reservoirs require no plumbing or water line.
A. First, fill the right reservoir (Refill Tank) with water.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – water
B. When the discharge tank on the left (Drain Tank) is full, discard the water and refill the right reservoir.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – tank

Accessory Rack
Use the Accessory Rack to conveniently hang items like scarves and ties.
A. Accessories can be hung from the bottom rung and flipped over the top.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – 5
B. Alternatively, items can be hung from the top rung and secured behind the bottom rung.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – 6

Built-in Shelf
Perfect for items that can’t be hung, like hats, sweaters, and toys.
A. Remove the Built-In Shelf from the inside of the AirDresser door.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – air dresserB. Slide the Built-In Shelf into the track in the center of the AirDresser so that it lays flat.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – lays

Weight Kit for
Pants The Weight Kit is designed to efficiently relax wrinkles from pants.
A. Hang pants upside down on an Air Hanger, clipping the legs.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – wrinkles
B. Remove the Weight Kit from the Accessory Rack and attach to the waistband.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – 1

Air Fitter
The Air Filter captures and eliminates particles from your garments. Remove and clean the Air Filter periodically.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – filter

Fresh Finish™
Insert your favorite dryer sheet for a laundry-fresh scent:
*The strength of the scent may differ depending on the dryer sheet used, and the scent may remain inside the AirDresser alter the cleaning cede is complete.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – 2

Lint Filter
The Lint Filter captures and eliminates loose fibers from your garments. Remove and clean periodically.
SAMSUNG AirDresser – lint filter

Smart Access
Use the SmartThings app to control your AirDresser remotely. • Start or pause a cycle • Cycle recommendations • End-of-cycle notification

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1 SmartThings
2 Touch Display
3 Documents / Resources
3.1 Related Manuals / Resources
SAMSUNG AirDresser – icon SmartThings
SAMSUNG AirDresser – 4

SAMSUNG AirDresser – 8

SAMSUNG AirDresser – genral

SAMSUNG AirDresser – sanitize

SAMSUNG AirDresser – drying

SAMSUNG AirDresser – special

  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (E. coil and S. aureus) using a Sanitize course. Verified by Intertek; individual results may vary.
    ** Available after downloading the cycle from the SmartThings App.

Touch Display
Displays the selected cycle and estimated time remaining, notifications, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

SAMSUNG AirDresser – 10

Cycle: Choose from General, Sanitize, Dry or Special
Silent: Turn on for quiet use 3. Child Lock: Tap and hold for
seconds to deactivate all buttons except power
Delay End/Keep Fresh: Tap and hold for 3 seconds for items you do not wish to remove at the end of the cycle or to increase the end time
Smart Control: Connects to the SmartThings app
Power: Turn on or off
Start/Pause: Tap and hold to start. Tap to pause.
For more information, please refer to AirDresser user manual.

Documents / Resources
SAMSUNG AirDresser [pdf] User Guide
SAMSUNG AirDresser [pdf] User Guide
AirDresser, SAMSUNG

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