Pages for iCloud release notes

Pages for iCloud release notes

We’re frequently updating Pages for iCloud. Updates are cumulative, so when you open Pages on, it has all the latest features. You can see all the features included with each release below.

June 2021

Add links to objects

Link to web pages, email addresses, and phone numbers from objects such as shapes, lines, images, drawings, or text boxes.

Get complete step-by-step instructions and information on all the features in Pages for iCloud.

March 2021

  • Add bookmarks to easily link from one part of your document to another. Learn more

September 2020

  • Select from new report templates to help you get started.
  • Enhance your documents with a variety of new, editable shapes.

July 2020

  • Easily add captions and titles to images, videos, shapes, and other objects. Learn more
  • Format text as superscript or subscript, adjust capitalization, change text background color, and more. Learn more

March 2020

  • Select from a variety of gorgeous new templates to help you get started.
  • Add a Pages document to a shared iCloud Drive folder to automatically start collaborating. Learn more
  • Add a drop cap to make a paragraph stand out with a large, decorative first letter. Learn more
  • Apply a color, gradient, or image to the background of any document. Learn more
  • Easily access templates in a redesigned template chooser.
  • Use new text layout options to add borders, paragraph backgrounds, and columns.
  • Enhance your documents with a variety of new, editable shapes.
  • Use Unite, Intersect, Subtract, and Exclude commands to create new shapes.

June 2019

  • Create links from text to other pages in a page layout document. Learn more
  • Place images, shapes, and equations inline in text boxes so they move with text. Learn more
  • Create books using new templates for novels (available in English only). 

March 2019

  • Use the new table of contents view to easily navigate your document or book. Learn more
  • View two pages side by side as you work. 
  • View and recover recently deleted files in the Document Manager.
  • Show and hide the ruler using a new option. 

November 2018

Offer your books for download or purchase on Apple Books. Learn more

September 2018

  • Quickly add links to web pages and email addresses.
  • Enhance your documents with a variety of new editable shapes.

June 2018

  • Adjust shadows and backgrounds, and use rounded corners in column and bar charts.
  • Enhance your documents with a variety of new editable shapes.

March 2018

  • Make beautiful digital books using new book templates.
  • Easily change paper size, page orientation, document margins, and more in the new document settings sidebar.
  • Add an image gallery to view a collection of photos on the same page.
  • Use donut charts to visualize data in an engaging new way.
  • Enhance your documents with a variety of new editable shapes.

September 2017

  • Redesigned document manager: open documents stored anywhere in iCloud Drive, easily find shared documents, and create nested folders.

June 2017

  • Enhance your documents using a library of over 500 professionally drawn shapes. Learn more
  • Reply to comments and join threaded conversations. Learn more
  • Add linked text boxes so text easily flows from one place to another. Learn more
  • Support for advanced image fill-in graphics.
  • Insert and edit object connection lines.
  • Export documents as fixed layout ePub books. Learn more
  • The Stock and Currency functions now return data from the previous market day’s close. Learn more

March 2017

  • A simplified design gives you easy access to the tools you need.  
  • Open Rich Text Format (RTF) documents. Learn more
  • Add gradient and image fills to graphics.
  • New align and distribute options make it easier to position objects in your document.
  • Use advanced line spacing options to adjust spacing between lines of text.
  • Easily format your text by applying character styles. 
  • Preview older versions of your document before choosing which one to restore. Learn more
  • New stock and currency functions provide up-to-date securities data in tables. Learn more
  • Set dates, times, and currencies for your language or region when you create a document.

September 2016

  • Support for real-time collaboration with Pages on Mac, iPad, and iPhone (feature in beta). Learn more
  • Open and edit Pages ’05 documents. Learn more

Learn more

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Published Date:June 01, 2021

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