My TurboClean™/PowerForce®/PowerClean/PowerBrush Carpet Cleaner brush is not turning | Support

  • Turn machine off and unplug
  • Remove clean water and collection tanks by pulling up and out on the latches on both sides of the tank, then lift tank by carry handle
  • Remove solution tank on back
  • Lay machine down to access the bottom of the machine
  • With a Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the belt cover & remove
  • Belt can be removed by sliding off the motor pulley
  • Then remove the brush – making sure not to lose the brush cap
  • Clean or replace brush or belt if necessary
  • Brush can be washed clean
  • Reattach brush back into place sliding into the right stationary end cap first
  • Put the belt on the pulley and brush and slide the end cap into place making sure the flat side of the cap is visible
  • Adjust the right side of the brush into place and tuck the left brush roll cap (separate piece that attaches to brush roll) into place
  • Replace the belt cover & screw into place

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