My Steam Shot™ Handheld Hard Surface Steam Cleaner has no steam | Support


  • Unplug machine and run hand along damage or exposed wires
  • Fill tank with water
    • Do not use any type of chemical in the tank as it will damage the machine
  • Plug the Steam Shot into a functioning outlet
    • Try using an alternate outlet if the first one does not work
  • The indicator light turns on when plugged in and will not turn off until it is hot enough to produce steam
    • If the machine still will not steam, the steam nozzle may be blocked 
    • Remove the attachment and then try to get machine to steam without the attachment 
      • If the machine steams without the attachment, the attachment could be clogged 
      • Clean the spray tip on the attachment, while it is removed from the machine, with a paper clip 
        • If the machine still won’t steam, Contact Us  

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