My Steam Shot™ Handheld Hard Surface Steam Cleaner cap issues | Support


  • Spray Steams from the Cap 
    • Steam coming from the cap area is normal 
      • This is how the machine vents to prevent too much pressure building up
      • Do not hold the machine near the cap area 
        • If the machine is continually spraying steam from the cap, or is spraying a large amount of steam, please Contact Us 
  • Cap Will Not Come Off 
    • The cap will not come off the machine if it is still hot enough to steam
      • Unplug machine and allow it to cool
      • Before opening cap relieve pressure inside the machine by holding the steam trigger
      • Once cooled, cap should come off 
      • The cap must be pushed down and turned in order to remove it 
        • If the cap still will not come off, please Contact Us

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