My PowerLifter™ Pet/Powertrak® Pet/PowerTrak®/Momentum® Pet Vacuum has No Suction | Support

If your vacuum is not suctioning like it used to it is likely due to an obstruction in the air pathway

Follow these steps to resolve:

  • Test for suction at end of the Hose (dirt tank must be attached to machine)
    • Lift the Hose from the base
    • Turn on, hold hand over end of end of Hose
  • Is there suction at the end of the Hose?
    • Yes > Go to ​Lower Hose/Foot
    • No > Remove the Hose completely by disconnecting from the back of the machine
  • Inspect the Hose, is it cracked or damaged?
    • Yes > Replace the Hose > Go to Parts & Supplies
    • No > Push a broomstick through Hose to clear clogs & debris
  • Reconnect Hose to the back of the machine
  • Turn on > Check for suction at the end of the Hose

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