My PowerLifter™ Pet/Powertrak® Pet/PowerTrak®/Momentum® Pet Vacuum Brush is not Turning | Support

If you’re experiencing issues in the Brush Area such as Brush Not Turning follow these steps to resolve:

  • Unplug machine
  • Recline handle > Unscrew 6 Phillips head screws to remove Brush Access Plate
  • Lift the Brush Cover (1307/1309) off the Vacuum or remove the Brush Access Plate from bottom (1790/1792/1793)
  • Remove Brush from machine by pulling straight out
  • Inspect Lower Hose, Belt and Brush Access Plate for damage
  • Stand Brush on a flat surface 
    • Hold the top with one hand > Spin/flick the brush with your other hand > It should spin freely – (several times with one flick)
  • Clear any debris on the Brush Roll and in the Brush Housing Area
  • Place the Belt over the Motor Pulley > Stretch the other end over the Brush Roll
  • Replace the Brush Roll  
    • Place the belt side of the brush in first, then turning the other end until it slides into place
  • Stretch Belt until the Brush is secure
    • Rotate Brush several times to align Belt correctly
    • Reinstall Brush Access Plate and screws
    • Reinstall the Brush Cover
  • Has this resolved the issue?

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