My Powergroom™/PowerClean®/PowerLifter® Canister brush is not turning | Support


  • Unplug Machine
  • Press the Green button and pull up on the handle to release the foot from the machine
  • Turn the foot over so the brush roll is facing up
  • Use a phillips head screw driver to remove the screw from the brush access cover
  • Push in the two indentations on either side of the plate, once those have popped out, then push in the two indentations on either side above where the screw was located to remove the brush access cover
  • Check the belt for damage 
    • If the belt is damaged or broken a new one should be ordered 
  • Take the brush out of the foot by pulling up on the right side and then releasing the left side from the belt 
    • Remove any hair wraps or debris that may be binding up the brush
  • Stand the brush up on a flat surface and hold the top with one hand while spinning the brush with the other 
    • If brush does not spin freely, it should be replaced
  • Wipe out any debris in the foot and brush window
  • Put the brush back into the foot by wrapping the belt around the side of the brush with the ridges  
    • Once the left side of the brush is secure, put the right side of the brush into place 
  • Lock the Brush access cover into place hooking the bottom hooks first, and then pushing the top indentations into place until you hear a click 

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