My PowerClean®/MultiClean® Wet and Dry Vacuum is loud | Support

  • Dirty Filters and/or clogged hoses can cause the machine to be loud
    • Failure to properly maintain the filters could result in damage to the motor causing it to be loud
  • Remove lid by releasing latches on side of machine
  • Remove Fabric filter and clear of any debris
    • Filter can be hand washed using cold water & mild dish soap
    • Rinse well
    • Allow to air dry completely before reinstalling (24 – 48 hours)
  • Empty tank
  • Clear debris from the suction inlet (both inside & out)
  • Remove the Filter Cage from the underside of the top cover
    • Turn counter clockwise to unlock
  • Remove the Mesh Filter
    • Mesh filter can be rinsed in cold water
    • Allow to completely air dry before reinstalling (24 – 48 hours)
  • Return mesh filter to tank lid
  • Lock filter cage around mesh filter by twisting clockwise
  • Place Fabric filter into tank
    • If fabric filter is missing the tank lid will not be secure & will result in reduced suction.
  • Reattach Tank lid, secure latches on both sides

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