My ICONpet™ Robotic Vacuum Display Errors | Support

START/PAUSE button must be pressed to resume after error is cleared

Error NotificationPossible CauseRemedies
Bin RemovedDirt Bin in not fully secureReinstall Dirt Bin until secure > Press START/PAUSE button
Robot LiftedRobot has been liftedPick up robot and place robot on floor > Push Start/Pause to Resume cleaning
Brush JamObstruction in the brush areaTurn robot OFF > Remove Brush Roll >Clear debris from Brush Roll > Turn Brush endcap, it should spin freely > Remove endcap & clear debris if needed > Rotate brush by hand after reinserting (should turn smoothly)               See detailed instuctions HERE
Robot StuckRobot ran into obstaclesReposition robot from obstacles/area > clear obstacles if possible > Press START/PAUSE button
Please Note: The ICONpet Robot is not intended for use on plush, dense carpet or some rubber backed rugs
Check Airpath/FilterFilter may be dirty – Airpath cloggedTurn robot OFF > Empty Dirt Bin > Clean filter > Remove Brush Roll > Clear debris from Brush Chamber > Reassemble > Turn On          See detailed instructions HERE
Dock ImpededObstacles to close to DockThere should be at least 40 inches of clear space in front of Dock
Wheel Stuck (Left or Right) Turn robot OFF > Remove obstacles from wheels > Wheels should turn by hand > Turn On
Bumper JamBumper cannot move freelyRemove debris from Bumper > Compress Bumper several times to ensure it moves freely
Spot ImpededArea is not unobstructed enough to use Spot ModeWhen using Spot Mode the area must be large enough to navigate
Please Note: The ICONpet Robot is not intended for use on plush, dense carpet or some rubber backed rugs
Clean SensorsSensors are dirtyClean the Front 3 Lenses and 4 Front Sensors & the 2 Sensors on the back of robot, using a damp cloth (Do not use Alcohol)
Wheel HangingCliff Sensors may be dirtyTurn robot OFF > Clean the 4 Cliff Sensors on the bottom of robot with a damp cloth (Do not use Alcohol)
Dock Not Found (Error in App)Robot Display will be blank – If Dock is not found before battery is exhaustedCord is not inserted completelyCheck the back of the Dock, the green light must be on
       Check the connection to make sure cord is secure > unplug & plug back in
Dock plugged into an outlet controlled by a switchPlug Dock into an outlet not controlled by a switch
       If using an outlet controlled by the switch, the switch must be in the On position
Large, spread out floor planFor large floor plan > Reposition Dock to a central location > May consider purchasing an additional Dock
Fan Error Turn robot OFF > Remove Dirt Bin  > Clear debris from Suction Inlet (opening on outside of dirt bin), Filter & Separator Cone > Return Dirt Bin > Turn On
System Error Turn robot OFF > Wait a few seconds > Turn On
Battery Error Turn robot OFF > Wait a few seconds > Turn On

If remedy does not resolve the issue, please Contact Us

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