My BISSELL™ MyAir™ Personal Air Purifier is not blowing air out of the vent | Support


  • The air inlet may be blocked
    • Machine should be at least a foot away from walls or furniture (air should be allowed to circulate freely)
    • Turn machine off and unplug
      • Remove the bottom cover – twist clockwise to unlock
      • If the filter is in the plastic protective wrap, remove plastic and reinstall
      • Twist bottom cover counter clockwise to lock into place
  • Plug in & turn on
  • The power button will always be illuminated when the machine is plugged in
    • If only the power button is illuminated, the machine is turned off
  • Push power button to turn on – all lights will be lit up (defaults to Low when 1st turned on)
    • Push Fan Speed button once to select High
      • Place hand over the top of the machine, check for air flow
        • If there is air flow, the machine is in night mode (Display lights are not visible)
        • If there is no air flow (fan is not turning) but the lights are on
          • Turn machine off and unplug
          • Plug machine back in and turn on
          • If all lights are on, no airflow (fan not turning) please Contact Us

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