My Adapt™/PowerLifter®/PowerClean Ion Pet 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum has No Power/Lights Flashing | Support


LED Display Status
During Charging
Battery StatusLight Status
ChargingBlinking red light (1 second)
Fully ChargedGreen light (on 10 minutes, then blinks every 1 minute)
Charger, Battery, or Motor ErrorRed & Green blinking light > Contact Us
During Use
Battery StatusLight Status
In UseSolid Green Light
Low PowerBlinking Red Light > Charge machine
No PowerSolid Red Light (3 seconds) > Charge machine
Brush StallSolid Red Light, then machine shuts off > Follow steps HERE
  • Check the outlet being used to charge machine
  • Test the outlet with a different device like a cell phone charger or small appliance
  • Verify the Charger being used
    • Label on Charger should have model ZD5F230030US
  • If Charger is damaged > Replace Charger > Go to Parts & Supplies​ 
  • Connect Charger to the charging port on the back of the machine & plug into wall outlet
  • For Canada Models 3034C & 3034N
    • Charger can not be directly plugged into the machine > Confirm Charger is plugged firmly into the bottom of the Charging Base > And plugged into wall outlet
  • Normal charging behavior: Blinking Red Light 
    • Full charge: Green Light
      • If no LED Lights display, Charger should be replaced > Go to Parts & Supplies 
  • Unplug from charger
  • With machine sufficiently charged, Does the machine turn ON?
    • Yes, > Great! Glad we can get you back to Cleaning
    • No > Remove Hand Vac
    • If the machine turns On then Off after a few seconds it indicates an obstruction in the Brush area > Go to Brush/Foot Area

If still having issues with No Power, please Contact Us

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