MainStage: Sculpture active envelope parameters

The following parameters are active only if the envelope is engaged (Mode buttons set to either Env or Ctrl+Env).

Envelope parameters

  • A-Time Velosens slider: Set velocity sensitivity for the attack phase of the envelope. Positive values reduce the attack time at lower velocities. Negative values reduce the attack time at higher velocities.Figure. A-Time Velosens slider.
  • Timescale field: Scale the duration of the entire envelope between 10% (ten times faster) and 1000% (ten times slower). This also affects the appearance of the envelope curve displayed as it is shortened (sped up) or lengthened (slowed down).
  • Sustain mode pop-up menu: Choose the behavior of the envelope while a note is held. Choices are Sustain mode (default), Finish mode, and three loop modes—Loop Forward, Loop Backward, and Loop Alternate. See Loop Sculpture envelopes.
  • Sync and ms buttons: Select either a tempo-synced envelope with note value options, such as 1/8 or 1/4, or a free-running envelope (with segment times displayed in milliseconds).Figure. Compare, Sync and ms buttons.Note: Switching between values forces a recalculation of times to the nearest note value or ms time, respectively, based on the current project tempo.
  • Compare button: Toggle between the original recording and the edited version.Note: This is available as an option only if an envelope curve has actually been recorded and edited.
  • VariMod source and amount: Controls the strength of envelope variation with a user-defined modulation source (available only for recorded envelopes).
    • Source options include Off, Velocity Concave, Velocity, Velocity Convex, KeyScale, Ctrl A, and Ctrl B.
    • Variation in the envelopes means the deviation of a recorded envelope path from straight interconnecting lines between the points. After you record an envelope, you can reduce or exaggerate the amplitude-jitter (variation) of the recording by Command-dragging the curves between points down (to reduce) or up (to exaggerate).

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