JBL Professional CSS-1S/T Compact Two-Way 100V/70V/8-Ohm Loudspeaker

JBL-Professional-CSS-1S-T-Compact-Two-Way 100V-70V-8-Ohm-Loudspeaker-imgg

Key Features

  • 10 Watt Multi-Tap Transformer for 100V or 70V Distributed Speaker Lines
  • 8 Ohm Direct Setting
  • Included Wall-Mounting Bracket Professional Drivers and Network


CSS-1S/T is a versatile, compact two-way loudspeaker designed for use on 100V or 70V distributed speaker lines, or in 8-ohm direct mode. The 135 mm (51⁄4 inch) low-frequency loudspeaker and 19 mm (3⁄4 inch) polycarbonate dome tweeter reproduce full-range sound quality for foreground or background music and are voiced for maximum speech clarity and intelligibility.

The rugged enclosure is fitted with an included, easy-to-install ball-type wall-mount bracket that can pivot to aim the speaker in a variety of directions, or the speaker can be aimed straight out from the wall. The flat bottom surface of the cabinet allows the speaker to be set on a surface such as a shelf.

A multi-tap, multi-voltage transformer provides taps of 10 and 5 Watts when driven from a 100V distributed speaker line and 10, 5 and 2.5 Watts when driven from a 70V distributed speaker line. Tap selection is accomplished via a switch that is accessed from the back panel. The speaker has a power handling of 60 Watts continuous average pink noise (100 hrs continuously) when set in its 8 Ohm Direct setting.


JBL-Professional-CSS-1S-T-Compact-Two-Way 100V-70V-8-Ohm-Loudspeaker-Fig-1

IEC Standard, full bandwidth pink noise with 6 dB crest factor, 100 hr duration. Average 1 kHz to 10 kHz

Calculated based on power handling and sensitivity, exclusive of power compression at high levels. JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. Some materials, production methods, and design refinements are introduced into existing products without notice as a routine expression of that philosophy. For this reason, any current JBL product may differ in some respect from its published description, but will always equal or exceed the original design specifications unless otherwise stated.

Frequency Response and Impedance

JBL-Professional-CSS-1S-T-Compact-Two-Way 100V-70V-8-Ohm-Loudspeaker-Fig-2


JBL-Professional-CSS-1S-T-Compact-Two-Way 100V-70V-8-Ohm-Loudspeaker-Fig-3

Horizontal Off-Axis Frequency Response

JBL-Professional-CSS-1S-T-Compact-Two-Way 100V-70V-8-Ohm-Loudspeaker-Fig-4

Mounting Bracket

JBL-Professional-CSS-1S-T-Compact-Two-Way 100V-70V-8-Ohm-Loudspeaker-Fig-5

 Tighten the molded nut using the supplied bar and hand force only. Over tightening can damage or break the bracket.

 Do NOT re-position/re-aim the speaker when the molded nut is tightened. Doing so could damage or break the bracket assembly.


JBL-Professional-CSS-1S-T-Compact-Two-Way 100V-70V-8-Ohm-Loudspeaker-Fig-6

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of this item?

6 1/8 wide x 5 3/8 deep x 8 3/4 tall

how many units will I get? one or a pair?


Can these speakers be used with a sony str av-910 receiver (8 ohms) of up to 100 watts?

No these speakers are designed to operate on low voltage array setup utilizing 70v or 100v direct from a specialized amp designed to match that rating. I recommend kicker’s indoor/outdoor speakers if that’s what you are wanting to use them for. I will respond with the actual item number.

Are these rated for Outdoor use?


Still confused. Is the $154.36 price for one or two speakers?

I paid 211 for two of them.

Can these be mounted outside?

No this is an interior speaker. Look at the JBL control series. They will state whether they are ok for outdoor use depending on the model.

Are these only 10 watts?

Multiple wattage settings can be adjusted at the speaker but used only with 70v or 100v specialty systems.

What do I need for the speakers to connect to the puter?

you will need an amplifier as these are non-amplified.

How many speakers can be added to the amp?

These amplifiers do not directly connect to the speakers but rather send a 70V or 100V signal that must pass thru a transformer and be converted for the speaker. The transformer can have multiple taps that control how much wattage will be sent to the speaker attached. Generally, more wattage means louder (compared to other speakers on the 70V line and assuming all speakers are the same type). This gives you the ability to install a speaker system with the varied output throughout the building. These transformer-based amplifiers also allow long distances for the signal to travel compared to a direct connect

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