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JBL CSSG20 ON Camera Shotgun Microphone User Guide

Thank you for choosing JBL Commercial CSSG20 On-Camera Shotgun Microphone. This guide will help you set up & operate your microphone. CSSG20 can be connected to both cameras & smartphones (using the splitter cable). It is perfect while creating news gathering videos, vlogging, youtube videos, interviews & many more.


  1. CSSG20 on-camera shotgun mic with attached cable with 3.5mm connector
  2. Windscreen
  3. 3.5mm splitter cable


JBL CSSG20 ON Camera Shotgun Microphone User Fig1
  1. Power switch – slide to turn ON & OFF the device.
  2. Power LED – glows GREEN when the battery has sufficient power, glows RED when the battery is low.
  3. Gain setting – adjust the gain of the microphone according to the connected device & recording situation. At +10dB the microphone is most sensitive & at -10dB it is least sensitive.
  4. High pass filter – slide to “ “ position to turn ON the filter.
  5. Battery compartment – insert 1.5V AA battery as shown.
  6. Cable with 3.5mm TRS connector to connect with DSLR/Camera.JBL CSSG20 ON Camera Shotgun Microphone User Fig2
  7. Cold shoe – to attach the microphone to DSLR/Camera/suitable stands.
  8. Knob – tighten this to lock the microphone to the cold shoe mount.
  9. ¼” socket – use this to mount the microphone on a suitable mounting stand.
  10. Windscreen – used to prevent wind & pop noise.


  • Open the battery compartment & insert the battery as shown. Make sure the +/- polarity of the battery is correct & close the compartment.JBL CSSG20 ON Camera Shotgun Microphone User Fig3


  • Connect the microphone 3.5mm connector with DSLR/camera. Turn ON the microphone. Adjust the gain & high pass filter according to the recording situation. You may use the output from the camera to monitor the recording.JBL CSSG20 ON Camera Shotgun Microphone User Fig4


  • Use the splitter cable provided in the box to connect the microphone with the smartphone/tablet. Plug the splitter cable in the smartphone & connect the microphone into the jack marked as , plug a headphone into the jack marked to monitor the playback from a smartphone.JBL CSSG20 ON Camera Shotgun Microphone User Fig5


  • High sensitivity condenser capsule with the super-cardioid pickup pattern
  • Adjustable microphone gain in three steps, – 10dB, 0dB & +10dB
  • Built-in high pass filter to cut noise below 200Hz
  • Standard cold shoe mount for convenient installation on camera
  • An integrated shock mount to reduce mechanical & vibrational noise
  • Powered by a single 1.5V AA battery giving more than 80 hours of operation time
  • Low battery indicator


Polar patternSuper-cardioid
Transducer10mm condenser capsule
Frequency response50Hz – 16KHz
Sensitivity-25dB ±3dB(0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
Gain adjustment-10dB/ 0dB/ +10dB
High pass filter200Hz 12dB/Oct
Output impedance2.2KΩ ± 30%
Power supply1.5V AA battery (approx. 80 hours)
Outer dimensionsL 157mm x H 48mm
Tube dimensionsDia. 11mm x L120mm
Net weight75g (approx.)


JBL CSSG20 ON Camera Shotgun Microphone User Fig6


JBL CSSG20 ON Camera Shotgun Microphone User Fig7

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