jbl-logoJBL CA-191011-1 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker



  • Brand JBL
  • Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
  • Color Black
  • Case Is Waterproof True

What’s in the box?

  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Waterproof Case
  • Charging cable


JBL is a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker, in order to shield their delicate internal components from the outdoors; weatherproof speakers need to have sturdy casings. Weatherproof speaker cabinets are shielded by a polypropylene surface that is durable in adverse weather and handling.


Replacement for the JBL Pulse 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Co2crea The case will shield your preferred device from bumps, dents, and scratches and is shockproof, dustproof, and water resistant.
Material: EVA, single-case sales only (device and accessories are not included)

Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are travelling. Before buying, kindly verify compatibility.

How to use it

Activate the Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Discovery Mode. If you’re using a smartphone, open the settings on your device and select Bluetooth. This should make the devices detectable to one another. You should be able to couple the devices as soon as they’ve found one another and start listening to music right away.

How to keep Maintain

For maximizing life span and extending the use of portable Bluetooth speakers:

  • Fend off the dust.
  • Dust is the number-one enemy of speaker performance; it’s not just a cosmetic issue.
  • Frequent speaker cleaning.
  • Avoid bright sunlight Stay away from static electricity.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation.


How long can JBL speakers withstand being submerged?

30 minutes.

Hi, the speaker has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means it can withstand accidental submersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter without suffering any damage.

How much time does it take a JBL speaker to charge completely?

The JBL needs 3.5 hours to charge completely.

My JBL Go, portable Bluetooth speaker, can I use while it’s charging?

Yes. You can use JBL Go 2 while it’s charging.  Since the battery is lithium-ion and contains a PCM circuit, this won’t have an impact on it.  When the battery is full, the speaker will automatically switch to trickle charging.

Can I use my JBL speaker while it’s charging?

The JBL Flip 4 may be used while charging, yes. It wirelessly connects to gadgets and can play for up to 12 hours on a single battery.

Without a charger, how can I charge my JBL?

Simply use your smartphone to charge the wireless speaker. All you have to do is attach your smartphone to it using the USB cord.  You won’t need to worry about using a charger if you do it this way.  You don’t need to buy anything more because you already carry a phone with you everywhere.

How can I tell whether my JBL has a full charge?

The LED indicator on your JBL Go 2 will begin to blink red as soon as you attach it into a power source. When your speaker is fully charged and ready to use, it won’t switch off until then. When your device is connected, fully charged, paired, or powered on, you will hear clear sounds and see an LED indicator.

Can a Bluetooth speaker still be used while plugged in?

A Bluetooth speaker can theoretically be left plugged in for as long as you like. The battery life of your speaker will suffer as a result. This is due to various circumstances, including overheating.

How durable are JBL products?

so long as you look after it. at least those produced in the previous 20 years. How many years can JBL speakers be expected to last? My JBL Extreme has been working perfectly for three years, however the battery gave out a year after I first started using it.

Do JBL speakers need to be charged?

Modern batteries are better and do not require this, unlike older gadgets that needed to be plugged in for a specific amount of time when first used. It is not suggested to let the battery completely discharge before recharging it; instead, short, regular charges are preferable to charging the battery from 0 to 100% at once.

How long should my Bluetooth speaker be charged?

For the best results, connect your audio device into an outlet and turn it on at least five minutes before using to give it time to fully charge.

Can I use a USB to charge a JBL?

You can save battery troubles and expense by simply charging the battery using a USB connector.  Other USB devices can be charged directly from the JBL Charge speaker thanks to its USB connector. Consequently, you won’t need a second charger to keep your devices charged.

Can a JBL speaker’s battery be changed?

Perhaps you need to change the battery if your speaker isn’t operating or doesn’t sound as well as you’d expect from JBL. Your worn-out smartphone might be given fresh life by getting a new battery.

How can I tell if the battery on my JBL is low?

Just have a peek at the LED indicator on the speaker’s front.  It indicates a low battery and the need for charging if it is blinking red.

Why is the white blinking on my JBL speaker?

When the LED is completely white and does not flash, the battery life of your JBL wireless headphones is at its highest. On the other side, if the LED starts to flash white, your JBL wireless headphones’ battery level is just halfway through its charging gauge.

How can I check the battery’s charge?

Open the Settings app on your phone. View your remaining charge and estimated battery life under “Battery.” To learn more, select Battery.


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