• Enables ground stacking VTX A8 arrays
  • Allows attaching VTX A8 cabinets to subwoofers
  • Universal M20 threaded pole mount
  • Array angles selectable between -15 degrees and +5 degrees
  • Lightweight design
  • Support for up to (8) VTX A8
    diagram, engineering drawing


The VTX A8 Base Plate is a universal adapter frame that enables VTX A8 arrays to be ground stacked on top of compatible subwoofers or support structures such as stages, scaffolding, or carts. Using the included M20 screw, the VTX A8 BP connects to any supported subwoofer equipped with a standard M20 pole mount adapter, such as the VTX B28 or the VTX B18. The base plate attaches directly to the bottom of an A8 array, and the rear angle selection bar allows for angles ranging from -15 to +5 degrees. When not used with subwoofers, M10 through holes at the four corners can be used to permanently attach a A8 array to other support structures. The base plate includes one 50 mm (2 in) through hole on each side for easy use with ratchet straps. Configurations and load conditions for using the VTX A8 BP can be obtained using JBL’s LAC-3 prediction software application. For more information about the base plate and use cases refer to the VTX A8 Rigging Manual.

diagram, engineering drawing
diagram, engineering drawing


  • (1) VTX A8 BP Base Plate
  • (4) Stabilization feet for the B18 (Part Number: 5115333)




Construction:High-grade steel with anti-corrosion coating
Finish:Black powder coat
Mechanical Limits1
Safe Limit:
(6) VTX A8
(2) VTX A8
Dimensions (H x W x D)2 :57 mm x 727 mm x 409 mm
(2.2 in x 28.6 in x 16.1 in)
Net Weight3 :12.7 kg (28 lbs)


  1. Always use the JBL Line Array Calculator to check mechanical safety when using the VTX A8 BP Base Plate
  2. Refer to the 2D and 3D Customer Drawings for more detailed dimensions
  3. Weight includes VTX A8 BP only

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of that philosophy. For this reason, any current JBL product may differ in some respect from its published description, but will always equal or exceed the original design specifications unless otherwise stated.

Documents / Resources

JBL Base Plate [pdf] User Manual
Base Plate, VTX A8 BP


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