This equipment has been designed to facilitate the fulfillment of the requirements of health,
industrial safety and sound quality in different environments, including office and workplace,
home, traffic, industrial and audio systems.

The equipment has the following characteristics:

  1. It has been designed according to IEC651 TYPE2 &ANSI S1.4 TYPE2
  2. Modern, compact and portable.
  3. Accuracy+/- 1.S dB.
  4. Measuring range: 30 dBA – 130 dBA.
  5. Maximum volume lock.
  6. Backlit display.
  7. Auto-off.


Environmental conditions for operation:

  1. Altitude less than 2,000 meters.
  2. Humidity: <80% RH.
  3. Temperature: 0 – 40° C.

Use a damp cap to clean the unit, but never


Use a Standard Acoustic Calibrator.

  1. Turn on the calibrator and select the state 94 dB at 1 KHz.
  2. Carefully plug the microphone into the ½ inch connector.
  3. Turn on the calibrator and adjust the potentiometer inside the battery compartment (as shown in picture 1) until the display shows the 94.0 dB level.
    imperii Digital Sonometer


  1. Electric condenser microphone.
  2. LCD screen.
  3. ON/ OFF button.
  4. Maximum volume level (MAX) setting button.
  5. Light sensor.
  6. Tripod hole.
  7. Potentiometer.
  8. Wind shield.
    imperii Digital Sonometer

LCD SCREEN (Picture 3)

  1. Low battery indicator.
  2. Measurement level.
  3. Maximum value icon.
  4. Measuring unit: dBA.
imperii Digital Sonometer


  1. Open the battery cover and install a 9V battery in the battery compartment.
  2. Close the battery cover.
  3. When the battery signal indicates battery icon, replace the old battery with a new one (picture 4).
imperii Digital Sonometer


  1. Standard measurement mode
    Press power off icon to turn on t he device. The full screen will be displayed for 1 second. Then the measurement of the ambient sound of that moment will begin. The reading will change depending on the sound level recorded in the room.
  2. Maximum volume settings
    Press “MAX” to lock the maximum volume level. The volume will remain locked until the indicated value appears. Press “MAX” once more to return to the standard measurement mode.
  3. Automatic backlight display
    The light sensor detects t he intensity of t he ambient light automatically. If the light intensity is insufficient, the screen will automatically light
    up and change according to the recorded light intensity.
  4. Auto Off
    The device will turn off automatically in approximately 11 minutes. To cancel this function, press power off icon  for a long time until the word “UOF” appears on t he display. The auto-off function will not resume operation until the device is restarted.


  1. Do not use the device at high temperatures or in excessively humid environments.
  2. Remove the batteries if you are not going to use them for an extended period of time. When using t he device under viewing conditions, install the protective accessory so as not to avoid unwanted signals.


Measuring range30dBA-130Dba
Accuracy+/- 15 dB(94dB at 1KHz)
Frequency range31.5 Hz -8 .5 KHz
Frequency WeightingA
Digital display4digtt
Resolution0.1 dB
Sampling frequency2tines / second
Microphone1/2Electric Condenser Microphone
Maximum level lockMAX
Power supply9Vbattery
Operating conditions0 ~ 40 0C/10 ~ 80% Relative humidity
Storage conditions-10 ~ 60 0C / 19 – 70% Relative humidity
Weight144g (battery lnduded)


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imperii Digital Sonometer Instruction Manual – Download [optimized]
imperii Digital Sonometer Instruction Manual – Download
imperii Digital Sonometer Instruction Manual – OCR PDF

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