ICONpet™ Cordless Vacuum Brush/Foot Area | Support

If you’re experiencing issues in the Brush/Foot area follow these steps to resolve:

  • Turn OFF > Remove the Foot Assembly
    • Press the release button at the bottom of the Extension Wand
  • Remove the brush by unlocking the end using a coin or flat head screwdriver
    • Pull brush out – remove all debris from brush and end caps
  • Clear all debris from the Suction Channel
    • You should be able to see through the opening (where the Extension Wand attaches) into the Brush area
      • If not, clear Channel of all debris
  • Inspect Brush for damage
  • Reinsert Brush > Push down while turning > Use a coin or flat headed screwdriver to lock Brush into place
    • The raised line on the end of the Brush should line up to the raised line on the Foot
    • If the Brush is not locked securely the Brush will not turn
  • Reconnect Foot to Extension Wand then to Hand Vac
  • Has this resolved the issue?
    • Yes > Great! Glad we can get you back to Cleaning
    • No > please  Contact Us  

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