How to send your HomePod to Apple using Express Replacement Service from Europe

Here’s how you send your HomePod back to Apple after you get a replacement.

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After you’ve contacted Apple for a replacement, you’ll receive a kit that contains a replacement product with everything you need to return your original product to Apple.

Important: Be sure to return your product so that Apple receives it within 10 days of the day your replacement product was shipped to you by Apple (check your ship date). If Apple doesn’t receive your original product within 10 days, or if Apple technicians find that your issue was caused by accidental damage or unauthorized modifications, you’ll be charged up to the full value of the replacement product. For more details, see ERS terms and conditions for service covered by Apple’s Limited Warranty or an AppleCare plan or ERS terms and conditions for out-of-warranty service.

Before you ship your HomePod

  1. Remove your HomePod from the Home app.
  2. Unpack your replacement HomePod by opening the box provided and taking the foam insert out of the top.
  3. Remove your new HomePod from the packaging, saving the packaging for your HomePod.

Pack your HomePod

  1. Put your HomePod into the box (where your new HomePod was).
  2. Put the foam insert back into the box, threading the cord through the slit in the insert.
  3. Roll the cord up inside the hole at the top of the foam insert.
  4. Close the lid of the box. Then, remove the tape provided from its backing.
  5. Use the tape provided to seal the box as shown.*

*Apple is not responsible for any damage during shipping.

Ship your HomePod to Apple

  1. If a return shipping label is included, place it on the outside of the packaging. If applicable, make sure the return shipping label completely covers the old shipping label, or that you remove the old shipping label before applying the new shipping label. 
  2. If a commercial invoice is included, place it on the outside of the packaging. Failure to put the commercial invoice on the outside of the packaging may render the package undeliverable. Commercial invoices are only necessary in some European countries.
  3. Find the name of the courier on the label (or elsewhere in the packing materials) and visit its website to arrange a collection or find a drop-off location. Customers in Russia should schedule a collection online.
  4. Ask the courier for proof of collection. 
  5. In a few days, check that Apple has received your product.

Use your replacement HomePod

  1. Make note of your new HomePod serial number. Your replacement Apple product is covered by a 90-day service warranty, the remainder of your original product warranty or AppleCare plan, or by consumer law, whichever is longer.
  2. Set up and use your new HomePod.

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