Important Installation Requirements

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a voided warranty, improper installation, and service callbacks.

Personal Safety

  • Wear safety glasses while installing the unit.
  • Do not cut into any air conditioning or electrical line.
  • Follow professional safety standards and all local codes for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical considerations.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do NOT use this fan with any solid-state speed control device.
a) Installation work and electrical wiring must be done by a qualified person(s) in accordance with all applicable codes and standards, including the fire-rated construction.
b) When cutting or drilling into a wall or ceiling, do not damage electrical wiring and other hidden utilities.

Application Considerations

  • The VNT2200 can be installed in multiple positions, horizontal or vertical.
  • Install the unit with space to access the main access door and the side access panel for maintenance and service.
  • To ensure quiet operation, do not install the device directly on the structural supports of the home.
  • The product is for residential applications only. Must be installed in accordance with all national and local regulations, building and safety codes.

Mounting the Inline Supply Ventilator

STEP ONE: Preparation
Ensure you have all parts and tools necessary to perform the installation. Mounting brackets/hardware are included in the box.
STEP TWO: Installation Area
The VNT2200 unit should be installed in a mechanical room or as close to an outside wall as possible.
The contractor should install the unit in an area that allows the homeowner easy access for maintenance. It is very important to install an electric receptacle (120 Vac) near the
unit, a separate circuit breaker is also recommended.

Example Installation

Honeywell VNT2200A1000 Inline Supply - Example

Tools needed to install Inline Supply Ventilator
next112 Standard screwdriver
next112Duct sealing tape
next112Hex drivers (5/16 in. studs, 1/4 in. brackets)
NOTE: Installation is not recommended in unconditioned areas such as an attic or crawl space where the temperature could fall below -40 ºF (-40 ºC) or exceed 160 ºF (71 ºC).
NOTE: Minimum distance from the exterior is 5 ft. (1.52 m).
NOTE: Ducting in unconditioned areas must be fully sealed and insulated, per local ordinances and codes.
NOTE: The unit must be mounted to something that can support 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)

Connect control device to the VENT terminals. No tools are required to install wires to the VENT terminals; Simply push the wire into the terminal and verify the connection by gently tugging on the wire. The damper control wires will be prewired in the factory to the AUX terminals (24 V).
STEP FOUR: Checkout

  1. Ensure mesh filter (and optional media filter) is installed and seated correctly.
  2. Apply power to the unit by plugging in the 120 V cord.
  3. Initiate a ventilation call from each of the external controls.
    Verify that the VNT2200 unit turns on.
  4. Return the external controls to the desired settings.
  5. Inspect the ducting to ensure that there are no kinks and correct as necessary.
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VNT2200A1000 Specifications

Weight:28 lbs. (12.7 kg)
Size:29 x 15 x 14.2 in. (737 x 381 x 361 mm)
Operating Ranges:
Ambient Temperature:-40 to 160 ºF (-40 to 71 ºC)
Humidity:0-95% non-condensing
Cabinet:23 gauge galvanized steel
Electrical Ratings:
Input Voltage:120 VAC (+10% / -15%), 60 Hz
Input Current:0.7 A
Airflow Measurements:With MERV 8 Filter: @0.2 inWG: 209.7 CFM & 3.20 CFM/WattWithout MERV 8 Filter: @0.2 inWG: 222 CFM & 3.34 CFM/Watt

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.:
Listed to UL 900, Class 2. Air Filtering Appliance E187216.
HVI (Home Ventilation Institute 2100 Certified)
Standards and Certifications:
2015 I-Codes
International Residential Code (IRC)
International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
International Mechanical Code (IMC)
ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2016
EPA Indoor airPLUS, Version 1
California Energy Commission Title 24

Honeywell VNT2200A1000 Inline Supply - ovweview1Honeywell VNT2200A1000 Inline Supply - ovweview2
Honeywell VNT2200A1000 Inline Supply - ovweview3Honeywell VNT2200A1000 Inline Supply - ovweview4

Dimensions in inches (mm).

For assistance with this product, or for the complete installation guide, please visit or call Customer Care toll free at 1-800-468-1502.

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