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How contactless bill of ladings are keeping today’s logistics safe

In today’s challenging business environment, logistics companies, their customers, and end consumers are looking to supply chain analytics for real time digitized order tracking from origin to Bill of Lading.


In the logistics segment, Bill of Lading (BOL) is a significant part of the delivery process. It establishes proof that that the package has been delivered and acts as a receipt. However, recent safety protocols have required traditional BOL data captures for both commercial products and essential goods to become contactless and more reliant on easily integrated  Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for Electronic Bill of Ladings. Logistics providers, customers and  consumers are reluctant to sign BOL documents via tablets or paperwork due to fears of cross contact contamination.

It should also be mentioned that there are ramifications associated with claims for short or non-delivery of goods, non-payment, or even failure to deliver contractual obligations.

In this scenario, let’s discover how Honeywell is well suited to help large-scale logistics firms automate the paper ticket process.


Logistics firms typically use paper BOLs to process orders during weekly deliveries.

The Challenge
This process results in a slow aggregate, error prone manual data entry, that also requires multiple physical contacts throughout the shift making it difficult to adhere to safety protocols.

The Solution
Honeywell’s ruggedized CT60 Mobile Computer in partnership with Vector’s industry-leading data capture software solution is being used to replace paper BOLs with contactless electronic BOLs.

The Honeywell offering results in 100% real-time BOL accuracy and a faster digitized process, that eliminates contact and increases customer safety across shippers, carriers, and receivers. By streamlining 70k+ loads through one device, logistics firms can increase cash flow up to 76%. Savings that have been realized can be re-invested into increasing the fleet size.



Third-party apps like Vector make it easy for fleet operations teams to digitize documents in the field and the back office.


Vector makes it easy for fleet operations teams to digitize documents in the field and the back office, resulting in paper elimination, reduced health and safety risks, and increased cash flow. Vector enhances existing technology investments with mobile capabilities and real-time collaboration, reducing physical interactions across logistics partners.


Experience the power of Mobility Edge – Honeywell’s unified mobile computing platform designed for realtime connectivity to business-critical  applications for faster deployments, optimized business performance, longer lifecycle and stronger security.

It’s the industry’s only platform built for upgrades through Android R. The CT60 mobile computer uses 4G LTE wireless, Wi-Fi, and IP-based business communications is built on the Mobility Edge platform, ensuring customer data is protected and secure.


Honeywell-as-a-Service is an offering that helps you navigate technology challenges during these tight financial times. It provides you with an innovative approach to acquire software, hardware, and services and by paying for them through a monthly payment with no upfront capital outlay.

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