Thor CV31 Vehicle-Mount Computer Installation Instructions

To install the Thor CV31, you need to:

  1. supply power to the CV31.
  2. mount the CV31.
  3. configure the CV31.

How to Supply Power to the CV31

The accessories you use to supply power to the CV31 depend on the type of installation you want to perform:

  • To replace a CV30 and keep your existing wiring, you need to purchase adapter cable P/N VE027-8024-C0.
  • To perform a new installation, you need to know the electrical requirements of your installation and the electrical rating of your CV31.
    How to Supply Power to the CV31
    CV31 Electrical Rating: 12V, 2.1A or 9-36V, 5.1A

CV31 Power Supply Options for a New Installation

Installation Electrical RequirementCV31 Electrical RatingUse This Power Supply
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz12 V, 2.1 A or 9-36 V, 5.1 AAC Power Supply (P/N 203-955-001)
Vehicle: 9-36 VDC9-36 V, 5.1 AThor CV31/CV61 Direct Wiring Kit (P/N 203-950-001)
Vehicle: 6-96 VDC12 V, 2.1 A or 9-36 V, 5.1 AUniversal Vehicle Power Supply Kit (P/N 203-950-002) with cable P/N VE027-8024-C0
  • The connector for the CV31 AC power supply is different than the one for the CV30. You cannot use the CV31 power supply with a CV30.

How to Mount the CV31

Use one of these approved mounting kits (sold and ordered separately):

  • Wall Mounting Kit (P/N VE011-2006)
  • Desktop Mounting Kit (P/N 805-815-001)
  • Vehicle Mounting Kit with a 1.5-inch (C-size)
    (P/N 805-813-001) or 2.25-inch (D-size)
    (P/N 805-814-001) RAM ball
  • Mounting Screw Kit (P/N 213-043-001) to mount the CV31 to an existing 1.5-inch (C-size) or 2.25-inch (D size) RAM ball

How to Configure the CV31

To configure the CV31, see the Thor CV31 Vehicle-Mount Computer User Manual.


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Thor CV31 Vehicle-Mount Computer Installation Instructions

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