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Program Schedule

You can program four time periods each day, with different settings for weekdays and weekends. We recommend the pre-set settings (shown in the table below), since they can reduce your heating/cooling expenses.

Wake – Set to the time you awaken and the temperature you want during the morning, until you leave for the day.
Leave – Set to the time you leave home and the temperature you want while you are away (usually an energy-saving level).
Return – Set to the time you return home and the temperature you want during the evening, until bedtime.

Sleep – Set to the time you go to bed and the temperature you want overnight (usually an energy-saving level).

NOTE: Leave and Return periods can be canceled on weekends.

To adjust program schedules

  2. Press or  t to set your weekday Wake time (Mon­Fri), then press NEXT.
  3. Press or  t to set the temperature for this time period, then press NEXT.
  4. Set time and temperature for the next time period (Leave). Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each weekday time period.
  5. Press NEXT to set weekend time periods (Sat-Sun), then press DONE to save & exit.

NOTE: Make sure the thermostat is set to the system you want to program (Heat or Cool).

NOTE: You can press CANCEL PERIOD to eliminate unwanted time periods (except Wake).

Program schedule override (temporary)

Press  or  to immediately adjust the temperature. This will temporarily override the temperature setting for the current time period.
The new temperature will be maintained only until the next programmed time period begins. For example, if you want to turn up the heat early in the morning, it will automatically be lowered later, when you leave for the day.
To cancel the temporary setting at any time, press RUN SCHEDULE.
NOTE: Make sure the thermostat is set to the system you want to control (heat, cool or auto).

Program schedule override (permanent)

Press HOLD to permanently adjust the temperature. This will override the temperature settings for all time periods.
The “Hold” feature turns off the program schedule and allows you to adjust the thermostat manually, as needed.

Whatever temperature you set will be maintained 24 hours a day, until you manually change it, or press RUN SCHEDULE to cancel “Hold” and resume the programmed schedule.

NOTE: Make sure the thermostat is set to the system you want to control (heat, cool or auto).

Auto changeover (heat/cool)

Auto Changeover is a feature used in climates where both air conditioning and heating are used on the same day. When the system is set to Auto, the thermostat automatically selects heating or cooling depending on the indoor temperature.

Heat and cool settings must be at least 3 degrees apart. The thermostat will automatically adjust settings to maintain this 3-degree separation (called “deadband”).

The 3-degree separation between heating and cooling set temperatures is fixed, and cannot be changed.

  1. Press system button until screen displays “Auto”.

NOTE: The Auto system setting may not appear, depending on how your thermostat was installed

Built-in compressor protection

Damage can occur if the compressor is restarted too soon after shutdown. This feature forces the compressor to wait for a few minutes before restarting.
During the wait time, the display will flash the message Cool On (or Heat On if you have a heat pump). When the safe wait time has elapsed, the message stops flashing and the compressor turns on.

Adaptive Intelligent Recovery™

Adaptive Intelligent Recovery eliminates guesswork when setting your schedule. It allows the thermostat to “learn” how long your furnace and air conditioner take to reach the temperature you want.

Just set your program schedule to the time you want the house to reach your desired temperature. The thermostat then turns on the heating or cooling at just the right time to reach your scheduled temperature at your scheduled time.

For example: Set the Wake time to 6 am and the temperature to 70°. The heat will come on before 6 am, so the temperature is 70° by the time you wake at 6.
Note: When Adaptive Intelligent Recovery is in effect, the thermostat will display “In Recovery”.

Battery replacement

Batteries are optional (to provide backup power) if your thermostat was wired to run on AC power when installed.
Install fresh batteries immediately when the REPLACE BATTERY warning begins flashing. The warning flashes about two months before the batteries are depleted.

Even if the warning does not appear, you should replace batteries once a year, or before leaving home for more than a month.

If batteries are inserted within two minutes, the time and day will not have to be reset. All other settings are permanently stored in memory, and do not require battery power.

Customer assistance

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Equipment damage hazard
To prevent possible compressor damage, do not operate cooling system when outdoor temperature is below 50°F (10°C).


If you have difficulty with your thermostat, please try the following suggestions. Most problems can be corrected quickly and easily.

Display is blankCheck circuit breaker and reset if necessary.Make sure power switch at heating & cooling system is on.Make sure furnace door is closed securely.Make sure fresh AA alkaline batteries (depending on model) are correctly installed (see page 6).
Heating or cooling system does not respondPress SYSTEM button to set system Heat (see page 2). Make sure the temperature is set higher than the Inside temperature.Press SYSTEM button to set system to Cool (see page 2). Make sure the temperature is set lower than the Inside temperature.Check circuit breaker and reset if necessary.Make sure power switch at heating & cooling system is on.Make sure furnace door is closed securely.Wait 5 minutes for the system to respond.
Temperature settings do not changeMake sure heating and cooling temperatures are set to acceptable ranges:Heat: 40° to 90°F (4.5° to 32°C).Cool: 50° to 99°F (10° to 37°C).
“Cool On” or “Heat On” is flashingCompressor protection feature is engaged. Wait 5 minutes for the system to restart safely, without damage to the compressor (see page 5).
To restore default settingsFollow these steps to restore default settings:Press SET CLOCK/DAY/SCHEDULE.Press SET SCHEDULE.Press DONE and NEXT at the same time for 4 seconds.

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