Honeywell T6 Smart Thermostat

honeywell t6 smart thermostat

T6/T6R Smart Thermostat Features

• Connects to the Internet so you can control your heating and stored hot water system from anywhere with the Honeywell Home App.
• Remotely view and change your heating and stored hot water system settings.
• Diverse programming options that fit any lifestyle:
— Time Scheduling – program schedule supports daily or 5-2 with 6 time periods for each day
— Geofencing – use a smartphone’s location to manage comfort when home or away
— Smart Scheduling – use a combination of geofencing and time scheduling to fit a busy lifestyle
• Group scheduling for multiple devices and locations (set-up and manage via the Honeywell Home App).
• Receive alerts (such as boiler failure) from the Thermostat, App, and email.
• Get automatic upgrades.
• The free Honeywell Home App is available for Apple® iPhone® and iPad® devices at iTunes® or at Google Play® for all Android™ devices.

Need help?
If you need more information, or for help with your T6/T6R Smart Thermostat go to:

Quick reference to the display

Quick reference to the display

Note: To save power, the screen will dim and enter idle mode 45 seconds after the last button touch. The screen will light up when you touch any button.

Quick reference to the icons
Quick reference to the icons

Navigating the menu

  • (MENU): Touch to access all menu items and configurable options.
  • Left and Right (ARROWS): Touch to navigate the menu, sub-menus and options. and (PLUS/MINUS): Touch to change settings (temperature, date)
  • (RETURN): Touch to or go back to previous menu.
  • (SELECT/CONFIRM): Touch to confirm selection, or access a sub-menu.

Note: In addition to touching (SELECT), a sub-menu can be accessed by touching the text in the message area (for example, SCHEDULE).

The main menu lets you customise how the Thermostat displays information or responds to certain situations. The menus are:

    View or edit the schedule
  • WI-FI
    Setup or change Wi-Fi settings
    Disables screen for 30 seconds in order to clean it
  • LOCK
    Restricts access to thermostat interface
    Change the language
    Set the time and date
    Set the backlight brightness for the idle screen
    Select the type of schedule to run
    Configure optimisation settings (start/stop/delay)
    Offsets the measured temperature
    Reset the schedule, Wi-Fi or Homekit to factory default settings
    Device information like model, MAC code, etc.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi® network

Before continuing you should:

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is secure and set to 2.4GHz.
  • Have a note of your home Wi-Fi network name and password.
  • Switch on your smartphone or tablet Wi-Fi.

To connect your thermostat to your Wi-Fi network and register:

  1. Download and install the Honeywell Home App from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
  2. Open the Honeywell Home App, press “Create Account” and follow the App instructions.
Connecting to a Wi-Fi® network

Once connected to your Wi-Fi network and Honeywell Home App, the Thermostat will briefly display SUCCESs and the connected symbol will be displayed in the upper right corner. The Thermostat will also set the time and date automatically once connected to the internet.

Disconnect or reconnect to a Wi-Fi network
If you need to disconnect the Thermostat from your Wi-Fi network (for example, you’re replacing your router), or if you need to reconnect to another Wi-Fi network, follow the instructions described in the Honeywell Home App under the menu ‘Thermostat Configuration’.

Setting the system mode

Your Thermostat can switch heating equipment on or off, to effectively manage your comfort depending on the indoor condition and your preferred temperature.

  • When the button is touched, the Thermostat toggles the system Heating or Off.
  • The available modes are:
    • Heating On: Controls the heating system to achieve desired temperature.
    • Off
Setting the system mode

Turn the heating schedule On/Off
Your Thermostat is a programmable thermostat with a schedule, but the schedule can also be turned off.
• Touch to deactivate or activate the Heating schedule.

Schedule options
Your T6/T6R Smart Thermostat has three schedule types:

  • Daily (7-day): Individual program for each day of the week.
  • Week + Weekend: Individual program for weekdays and weekend.
  • Geofence: Location based temperature control.
    Can only be enabled and configured using the Honeywell Home App.

Preset energy-saving schedules

Your T6/T6R Thermostat comes with the following default schedule. To change these settings go to ‘Adjusting program schedules’ on the next page.

 Mon-FriSat + Sun
16:30 – 8:0019 °C8:00 – 10:0019 °C
28:00 – 18:0016 °C10:00 – 17:0016 °C
518:00 – 22:3021 °C17:00 – 23:0021 °C
622:30 – 6:3016 °C23:00 – 8:0016 °C

For more scheduling options, go to your Honeywell Home App.

Setting the holiday mode
This feature helps you save energy while you are away for longer periods, and restores comfortable settings just before you return home.

  • To activate your holiday period, in your Honeywell Home App go to Menu/Setting/Holiday
  • HOLIDAY is indicated on the Thermostat.
  • You can cancel Holiday Mode either on the Thermostat or in the Honeywell Home App.

Touch on your Thermostat home screen to resume the regular program schedule.

Adjusting a program schedule

  1. Use MENU and to go to SCHEDULE
  2. Select day(s) to be adjusted.
  3. Select time period to be adjusted. The selected period flashes.
  4. Touch time that needs to be changed. Touch + or – to change it. Repeat with other time.Adjusting a program schedule
  5. Touch the period’s temperature to change it. It will start flashing.
    Touch + or – to adjust the temperature.
    Touch to confirm the changes.
  6. When you have finished adjusting the schedule, touch to save the changes.
Adjusting a program schedule 1

Overriding a program schedule

You can override the program schedule in two different ways:

1. Temporary override “Hold Until”
2. Permanent override “Permanent Hold”

Hold Until

• The schedule will resume when the Hold Until time expires.
• Touch cross button to cancel the Hold Until and resume the regular schedule.

  1. Touch + or – to adjust temperature
  2. During temperature adjustment, the Until time appears.Overriding a program schedule
  3. Touch the time to changes it and use + or – to adjust.
  4. indicates Hold Until is active.
Overriding a program schedule 1


Your new T6/T6R Smart Thermostat supports location-based scheduling which can intelligently override the time-based schedule. If your schedule varies or you regularly depart and return at different times, the Thermostat can automatically adjust to your life. No rigid scheduling. No learning period. Just comfort when you’re home and savings when you’re away.
When you enable the geofence schedule in the Honeywell Home App, it intelligently controls your heating based on whether you are home or away.

  • To learn more about configuring the geofence schedule, see ‘Create New Schedule’ menu in your Honeywell Home App.
  • To learn more about how smart geofencing can work for you and how it fits to your busy lifestyle, go to

Heating optimisation functions

Your T6/T6R Smart Thermostat has several heating optimisation functions. These functions aim to save energy while making you as comfortable as possible.
Configure these options via the OPTIMISE menu on your Thermostat.

  • Optimum Start
    Over time, the Thermostat learns how long it takes your system to reach the temperature you want. It turns on the heating or cooling system earlier to make sure you’re comfortable at the time you expect.
    The Thermostat displays when it turns the system on early.
  • Optimum Stop
    Saves energy and money by switching off a little bit earlier than the normal programmed time. If your home is up to temperature, you will not notice the effect on the temperature, but you will see a difference in your fuel bill.
  • Delayed Start
    Saves energy by slightly delaying the start of heating depending on the difference between the programmed temperature and the actual room temperature.


If you have difficulty with your Thermostat, try these suggestions. Most problems can be corrected quickly and easily.

Screen is blank•    Make sure power is switched on.•    Check circuit breaker and reset if necessary.
Heating system does not respond•    Touch   to set system to Heat. Make sure the set temperature is higher than the actual temperature.•    Check the circuit breaker and reset if necessary.•    Check the heating system is powered on.•    Check the Receiver Box is working.

List of alerts: Touch cross button to dismiss the alert. To snooze the alert for 7 days

WIFI RADIO ERRORThe Wi-Fi radio of your Thermostat is faulty, contact your installer.
INTERNAL MEMORY ERRORThe internal memory of your Thermostat is faulty, contact your installer.
THERMOSTAT TEMPERATURE SENSOR ERRORThe temperature sensor of your Thermostat is faulty, contact your installer.
INDOOR TEMPERATURE SENSOR ERROR(T6 only) The remote indoor temperature sensor is not connected or the wiring is faulty, contact your installer.
OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE SENSOR ERROR(T6 only) The remote outdoor temperature sensor is not connected or the wiring is faulty, contact your installer.
REGISTER ONLINEPlease download the App, create an account and register your Thermostat.
NO INTERNETThe internet connection has been lost, please check your internet connection or Wi-Fi router.
NO WIFI SIGNALThe Wi-Fi signal has been lost, please check your Wi-Fi router.
WIFI NOT CONFIGUREDPlease download the App, create an account and add your Thermostat.See also page 7.
NO RECEIVER BOX BINDINGThere is no Receiver box binding data stored, contact your installer.
NO COMMUNICATION RECEIVER BOXThere is no communication with the Receiver box, move Thermostat closer or contact your installer.
RF SIGNAL OFRECEIVER BOX LOWThere is a weak radio signal from the Receiver box, move Thermostat closer or contact your installer.
BOILER FAULT XXThe boiler reported a failure number XX, contact your installer.
BOILER HAS LOW WATER PRESSUREThe boiler reported low water pressure, top up the system or contact your installer.

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