Product Overview

Product Overview

Assemble scan handle to EDA61K terminal

Assembling Inductions

Scan a Bar Code with the Scan Handle

Scanning Bar Code inductions

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China RoHS table

Names and content of Hazardous Substance in the Product
Parts NameHazardous Substances
This table is created in accordance to SJ/T 11364
O: Indicates that this hazardous substance contained in all of the homogeneous materials for this part is below the limit requirement in China’ s GB/T 26572.X: Indicates that this hazardous substance contained in at least one of the homogeneous materials for this part is above the limit requirement in China’ s GB/T 26572

Documents / Resources

Honeywell ScanPal EDA61K-SH [pdf] User Guide
ScanPal EDA61K-SH

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