Honeywell’s Multi-Bay Battery Charger can fully charge up to four lithium-ion batteries in less than eight hours. An RP2 battery typically takes 4 hours to fully charge, and an RP4 battery takes 7 hours.

Connect Power

Use only a UL listed power supply that has been qualified by Honeywell with and output rated at 12 VDC.

warning iconWe recommend the use of Honeywell accessories and power adapters. Use of any non-Honeywell accessories or power adapters may cause damage not covered by the warranty.

  1. Connect the right angle power adapter to the Multi-Bay Battery Charger. Then plug the power supply into an AC power outlet. Make sure the AC power outlet voltage is the same as the power supply.Honeywell RP4 Series 220540-000 Multi-Bay Battery Charger - Connect the right angle power adapter to the Multi-Bay

Charge Battery

Operational temperature for charging the battery is 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C). The storage temperature is -22° to 149°F (-30° to 65°C).

warning iconEnsure all components are dry prior to mating batteries with peripheral devices. Mating wet components may cause damage not covered by the warranty.

  1. Place a battery into a cradle to charge with the battery contacts facing the contacts on the charger.Honeywell RP4 Series 220540-000 Multi-Bay Battery Charger - Place a battery into a cradle to charge with the battery
  2. When a battery is inserted, the solid red LED appears. If the red LED does not appear or is flashing, check to make sure the battery pack is seated completely in the charger with the battery contacts facing the contacts on the charger.
  3. When the battery is fully charged, the LED turns green.

About the Battery

warning iconUse only Honeywell Li-ion battery packs in this device. Use of any non-Honeywell battery may result in damage not covered by the warranty.

Battery Recommendations

  • Batteries are shipped approximately 30% charged or less and should be fully charged for maximum charge capacity.
  • The battery is a lithium ion cell and can be used without a full charge, and can also be charged without fully discharging without impacting the battery life. There is no need to perform any charge/discharge conditioning on this type of battery.
  • Do not disassemble the battery. There are no user-serviceable parts in the battery.
  • Do not allow metallic conductive objects to contact battery terminals. Do not short-circuit a battery or throw it into a fire; it can explode and cause severe personal injury.
  • Improper battery use may result in a fire, explosion, or other hazard.
  • Although your battery can be recharged many times, it will eventually be depleted. Replace it after the battery is unable to hold an adequate charge.
  • If you are not sure if the battery or charger is working properly, send it to Honeywell International Inc. or an authorized service center for inspection. Refer to Technical Assistance for additional information.

Cleaning the Multi-Bay Battery Charger

Unplug the Multi-Bay Battery Charger from the power supply before cleaning.

Clean the housing of the Multi-Bay Battery Charger with a soft cloth or tissue dampened with water (or a mild detergent- water solution). If a detergent solution is used, rinse with a clean tissue dampened with water only.

warning iconNever use solvents (e.g., alcohol or acetone) on the housing. Solvents may damage the finish.


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