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Today, people are finding new and better ways to connect.

The Resideo exclusive RedLINK® Wireless Technology helps you better meet your comfort needs. Our full suite of wireless-enabled comfort systems connects you to expanded business opportunities.

With Total Connect Comfort, Resideo offers you a customized solution that works together with the lifestyle and budget of your customers and grows with their changing needs. Help your customers make the most of their home by taking control and staying connected.

Total Connect Comfort is ideal for anyone with a smart phone, vacation home, investment property, or business.

Total Connect Comfort

Once registered, your customers can customize their system and alert settings, download free mobile apps and more at

Total Connect Comfort enables users to:

  • View and change their HVAC system settings (Heat, Cool, Off, Auto, EM Heat, Dehumidifier, Humidifier, Fan).
  • View and set the temperature.
  • View and control indoor humidity.
  • View outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Voice control of thermostat — say “Hello Thermostat” to activate, then use preprogrammed voice commands for thermostat adjustments.
  • Access multiple thermostats if the system is zoned.
  • Access multiple locations if more than one system is connected.
  • Receive temperature and humidity alerts via e-mail.
  • Access over 90 system alerts via the web.
  • Get automatic upgrades as new features are available.

Wireless Technology

Clean Design Meets Clear Sales Potential

The satisfaction your customers get from the comfort of experiencing the sleek design and straightforward functionalities of the Prestige® thermostat will bring them back to your business for all their HVAC needs.

Delta T* Diagnostics and Alerts

Based on limits set at installation, your customers can be alerted with instructions to contact you for assistance when their system does not operate

as expected. Alerts give customers a sense of security while the data logs for those alerts, as well as user interaction and system performance enable you to service or replace the equipment prior to a loss of heating or cooling.

* All Prestige® IAQ systems come standard with a return and a discharge air temperature sensor to measure Delta T.

Comfort and Connection – At a Whole New Level.

One Control is Always the Right Control Now with selectable Residential or light commercial functionality, advanced staging control options, and
assignable input and output relays, Prestige® offers you the flexibility to use one thermostat in virtually every application.

Alerts and Interaction Logs

A searchable history of alerts and setting changes let you know if there is a system malfunction or if the issue was caused by user error.

Customizable Service Reminders

Remind your customers when it’s time to call you for service, when their warranty is expiring, or customize your own reminders.

RedLINK® Wireless Comfort Systems

Wireless FocusPRO®

Now you can easily relocate a thermostat to a more suitable location, install multi-stage equipment, cool retrofits when wires are not available, or add zoning.


Wireless Thermostats for Electric Heat Thanks to RedLINK® communication and the simple wiring of an Equipment Interface Module your customers can experience the comfort they want controlled from a wireless thermostat located exactly where they want it.


Wireless Zoning Systems
When used with our RedLINK® Technology-enabled TrueZONE® panels, the Wireless Adapter lets you add zoning to any home or more zones to an existing system.

Connect to More Sales with Accessories

RedLINK® accessories give your customers the option of customizing their system to achieve their control, comfort and convenience needs. With installation that requires no more than a few minutes and the touch of a button, RedLINK® offers you the opportunity to increase profitability through add-on sales.

Equipment Remote Module

Lets control devices communicate wirelessly with outdoor two-stage compressors, heat pumps or an indoor boiler.

Portable Comfort Control

Gives customers freedom to make adjustments everywhere in the system from anywhere in the conditioned space.

Wireless Entry / Exit Remote

Easily manage your comfort and energy consumption by controlling your thermostat from anywhere in the home or building.

RedLINK® Internet Gateway

Connects to any of the RedLINK® thermostats featured in this brochure

Wireless Outdoor Air Sensor

Installed on the exterior of a home or building, the sensor will display the outdoor temperature and humidity on RedLINK® thermostats featured in this brochure and
the Portable Comfort Control.

Wireless Indoor Air Sensor

When paired with a Prestige® IAQ thermostat the Wireless Indoor Sensor enables customers to change the sensing location of the thermostat,
average temperature in large rooms or monitor humidity.

Wireless Vent and Filter Boost Remote

One-touch 20-40- 60 minute timed ventilation and filtration boosts for the home.

Prestige® Comfort Systems Selection Guide
Wireless FocusPRO® Systems
EConnect® Wireless Thermostats for Electric Heat
Power Supply
• 20-40-60 Minute Timed
Alerts and Diagnostics           Control24 VAC Ventilation Boost
• Predictive Delta T Alerts and
• Fan Circulation– -Vent and Filter Boost RemoteDiagnostics- Requires EIM
• Configurable StagingRedLINK Accessories
(HVC20A1000) Required     (Prestige only)
• IAQ Control and Configurable•  Displays Outdoor Temperature
• Extend Wireless Range
• Alerts Using Dry Contact  Outputs (Prestige andand Humidity   Wireless Adapter Input(s) — Requires EIM  TH8321R1001 models only) Wireless Outdoor Air Sensor    (THM4000R1000)
• Customizable Reminders
• Wired Sensor Inputs (C7089R1013) Required (Calendar and Temperature-
• Permanent Memory Retention•  Temperature Control via hand-      Programming   Based
• Auto or Manual Changeover
Prestige IAQ – R, C Equipment Interface Module – R, C,W-O/B, W2/AUX1, W3/AUX2, Y, Y2, G, A-L/A, U1, U1, U2,U2, U3, U3, RH, RC,R, C, S1, S1, S2, S2, S3, S3, S4, S4
held remote
• 7-Day Programmable or
• Filter, Humidifier Pad and UV
• Adaptive Intelligent Recovery™- Portable Comfort Control              Non-Programmable                     Lamp Replacement Reminder
• Temperature Setpoint Limits (REM5000R1001) Required                                •Residential or Light Commercial
• User Interaction Log
• Keypad Lockout
•  Connecting a Condensing Unit
• Programmable Fan
• Alerts Log
• Advanced Dual-Fuel Heat Pump or Boiler to Control Devices —
• Vacation hold
• Dealer Logo On-Screen                                                                          OperationWithout Wires       (Prestige IAQ Only)–  Equipment Remote Module          Display
• Performance Log (Prestige        Limited Warranty(ERM5220R1018) Required
• HD Color (Prestige IAQ Only)            IAQ Only)                          5 Year•  Remote Indoor Temperature and
• Touchscreen User Interface Humidity Sensing
• 8 sq. in. Display size (Prestige).Wireless Indoor Air Sensor             10 sq. in. Display size (C7189R1004) Required                                        (VisionPRO)•  Connect to the Internet
• On-Screen Help
     R, Rc, W-O/B, Y, G, C, S1, S1, K     Equipment Interface Module— R, C, W-O/B, W2/AUX1, W3/ AUX2, Y, Y2, G,A-L/A, U1, U1,U2, U2, U3, U3,RH, RC, R, C, S1,S1, S2, S2, S3, S3, S4, S4
– RedLINK Internet Gateway
• Backlighting — Continuous or(THM6000R7001) Required            On-Demand•  One-touch Setback and
• Simultaneous Display of Room Recovery
and Set Temperatures
R, Rc, W-O/B, W2- AUX/E, Y, Y2, A-L/A, G, C, S1, S1, K
– Entry / Exit Remote
• Real-Time Clock (REM1000R1003) Required
• Interview-Based Programmingand Installer Setup
R, Rc, W-O/B, W2- AUX/E, Y, Y2, A-L/A, G, C, S1, S1, K, U1, U1
• Temperature Control via
• Private Labeling Available
Limited Warranty
•  Relocate Thermostat Without           hand-held remote
• Adaptive Intelligent
• FocusPRO® and Equipment Running New Wires           – Portable Comfort Control  Recovery, Temperature  Interface Module — 5 Year
•  Upgrade to Multi-stage                    (REM5000R1001)                   Setpoint Limits
or Add Cooling Without                    Required                             (Programmable Model Only) Running New Thermostat  Features and Functions               Display InformationWires
• Permanent Memory
• 5.09 sq. in. Display Size
•  Displays Outdoor                        Retention                                (Viewable) Temperature and Humidity
• Selectable Auto or Manual
• On demand BacklightingWireless Outdoor Air Sensor Changeover
• Simultaneous Display of(C7089R1013) Required
• Remote Locator   Room and Set Temperatures
•  Connect to the Internet
• Advanced Dual-Fuel Heat
User Interface–  RedLINK® Internet Gateway          Pump Operation
• Soft Keys (THM6000R7001)
• Backup Control Required
       Equipment Interface Module — C, R, Rc, Rh, W-O/B, W2-Aux/E, Y, Y2, G, L, RAS, RAS
 RedLINK Accessories                                                     Display                                                   Control•  Displays Outdoor Temperature only
• User Interface: Soft Keys English Display Only
• Permanent Memory Retention–  Wireless Outdoor Air Sensor (C7089R1013) Required
• 4.53 sq. in. Display Size (Viewable)
• Early Start
•  Temperature Control via hand-held remote
• On Demand Backlighting
• Temperature Limits–  Portable Comfort Control (REM5000R1001) Required•  Connect to the Internet–  RedLINK® Internet Gateway (THM6000R7001) Required•  One-touch Setback and Recovery–  Entry / Exit Remote (REM1000R1003) Required
   Equipment Interface Module — 3 Wire

The Comfort of Wireless Connectivity

Resideo is committed to connecting contractors to their customers, and connecting those customers to ideal comfort. With our complete line of RedLINK® Wireless Comfort Systems and accessories everyone’s satisfied. Your customers get complete control of their heating and cooling systems while you enjoy simple installation, increased add-on sales and an overall improved bottom line. It’s all included in the RedLINK® connection.

Read More About This Manual & Download PDF: 

Documents / Resources

Honeywell RedLINK Connects Wireless Comfort System [pdf] User Guide
RedLINK Connects Wireless Comfort System


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