Honeywell PC3F2699IUF00 Hydronic Circulating 3 Speed Pump


The PC3F in-line, wet rotor circulator with universal flange is designed for applications in closed-loop hydronic heating and cooling systems, as well as in solar-powered systems. The pump is non-submersible and for use in dry, frost-free, well-ventilated installations.


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Rate of flow: up to 34 gpm (128.7 lpm)
Pressure head: up to 31 ft (9 m)
Voltage: 115VAC +/-10% 60hz
Amperage: See “Speed switching” on page 2. Max. Pressure:
145 psi (at room temperature); 50 psi (at 200°F [93°C])
Temperature Range: Ambient temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C) Media temperature: 14°F to 230°F (-10°F to 110°C) [to 200°F
(93°C) with optional check valve installed]
Storage Temperature: -40°F to 100°F (-40° to 66°C)
Standards: Insulation Class F  Temperature Class FT 95

6.5 (165.5)6.1 (155)6.5 (165.5)7.75 (197)3.2 (80.2)

Shipping weight: 9.5 lbs (4.32 Kg)


Pump bodyCast iron
Bearing plateStainless steel
CanStainless steel

Control: 3-step switch with manual speed selection
Motor protection
The motor includes an internal thermal overload protection.  External motor protection is not required.
Speed switching
Three speed, with manual selector.

1 1151.09125

Flange Connections
Universal flange
Bolt hole spacing 3-5/32 in. (80.2 mm) Bolt holes 1/2 in. (12.7 mm)

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Clean water or water with up to 20% glycol. Up to 50% glycol may be used, but flow characteristics will differ from these specifications.

Optional and Replacement Parts
Check valves: PCV125
Flange gasket: PCG100

Table 1. Cross Reference for Pump Replacement

HoneywellGrundfosTacoBell & GossettArmstrongWilo
ModelPump LengthSpeedSingle Speed3-SpeedSingle Speed3-Speed  Single Speed3-Speed
   PC3F2699IUF00  6.5”HighUP26-96F UP26-96F-FC UP26-116F UP26-116F-FCUPS26-99 High UPS26-99-FC High0011F0011F-IFC0013F0013F-IFC NRF-36 Med NRF-45 Med H-41E7Astro 50Astro 50-3Star 30F Star 32FS21 High
MediumUP26-64F UP26-99FCUPS26-99 Low UPS26-99-FC Low0014F0014F-IFC   Star 17 FXS21 Med
Low    NRF-33  Star S21 Low

The information in this table is based on publicly available information as of the date of this publication. Honeywell is not liable if  information is found to be incorrect.
If the cross-referenced model uses a flow check valve, then use a flow check with the Honeywell model as well. Each Honeywell circulator replaces both regular and rotated flange models.


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Documents / Resources

Honeywell PC3F2699IUF00 Hydronic Circulating 3 Speed Pump [pdf] Datasheet
PC3F2699IUF00, Hydronic Circulating 3 Speed Pump

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