Honeywell HON 380 Gas Medium Pressure Regulators


The HON 380 features excellent control and lock-up properties which makes it ideal for use in public gas supply grids and in industrial systems. Another plus point is the fact that it delivers outstanding ease of maintenance.

The device with inlet pressure compensation has a spring-loaded measuring unit. The HON 380 is fitted with an integral safety shutoff valve for overpressure and under pressure shut-off.

The HON 380 has a modular design. This means that the entire regulating assembly can be removed and replaced while the housing can remain in the pipeline. This, in turn, means that routine maintenance work can be carried out at the workshop.

The HON 380 is suitable for a wide range of applications such as use in district regulating stations and installations for process gas supply. It can be used for the gases listed in DVGW Code of Practice G 260 and neutral, non-aggressive gases, with other gases on request.

The devices hold an EC-type examination certificate under the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU in association with DIN EN 334 and DIN EN 14382. Registration number: CE-0085……

  • Max. inlet pressure: 20 bar
  • High flow rate
  • Easy maintenance as the function units can be exchanged
  • Integrated SSV
  • SSV optionally available in function class A or B
  • Pressure equalization valve (internal bypass) integrated in the SSV control element
  • Nominal sizes DN 25, DN 50, DN 80, DN 100
  • Flanged connections to EN 1092-2, PN 16 or ANSI 150
  • Ambient and operating temperature range: Class 2, -20°C to +60°C
Maximum allowable pressure PSMax. inlet pressure pumax16 bar/20 bar differential safe (DS) (depending on flange design)
16 bar/20 bar
Characteristic device size HON 380   Inlet/OutletValve seat diameter [mm]Valve flow coefficient KG* in (m³/h)/bar; Without noise reduction
HON 380
Noise reduction Type of connection Cast steel body
DN 25/DN 2525390
DN 50/DN 50501440
DN 80/DN 80803370
DN 100/DN 1001004700
-10% of specified KG value
PN 16 DIN flanges and Class 150 to ANSI 16.5
Accuracy class and Lock-up  pd range pressure class                                    [bar]Accuracy class ACLock-up pressure class SG
Lock-up pressure zone classAmbient and operating temperature range (DIN EN 334)Strength, tightness and function Explosion protectionCE mark according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED)0.02 – 0.11030
0.1 – 0.5510
0.5 – 22.55
SZ 2.5
Class 2: -20°C to +60°C
according to DIN EN 334 and DIN EN 14382
The mechanical components of the device do not have any inherent potential ignition sources among them, nor do they have any hot surfaces and therefore do not fall into the scope of ATEX 2014/34/EU. The electronic accessories used satisfy the ATEX requirements. 
Material details                                                 RegulatorSSV
Valve body Diaphragm case Valve seatsValve plate and O-rings Valve stem DiaphragmsPlastic partsAdjusting springsCast steel
Sheet steel/Al alloyAl cast alloy and Al wrought alloy
Al alloyCast steel
Stainless steelStainless steel
Spring steel wire


  • Noise reduction
  • Without SSV
  • SSV with manual release
  • SSV with electromagnetic remote release
  • Electrical SSV “CLOSED” position indicator using inductive proximity initiator and intrinsically safe circuit
  • Vent limiter HON 915 (SSV/RA) or On/Off valve HON 919 (SSV)

Valve flow coefficient for natural gas: d = 0,64 (pn = 0,83 kg/m³), tu = 15°C

Part No.RE0 WireØ [mm]RE1
Part No.
Ø [mm]
Part No.
Ø [mm]
Set range
Wds [mbar]
20 – 30100072413.615056075Signal blue
25 – 50100036294100090686.3Gray
45 – 75150550224.5150560727Gentian blue
70 – 100100036304.5100090697Yellow
90 – 160150550235.3150560738Flame red
150 – 200100036315.3100090708Brown
190 – 260150550246.3150560749Nut brown
250 – 300100036326.3150560759Light red
290 – 3601505502571505607610Colza yellow
350 – 4001000363371000907210Dark red
390 – 500150550267.51000907311Light blue
490 – 560150550278.51505607711Colza yellow
550 – 6601505502891505607812Cream
650 – 760150550299.51505607912Gentian blue
750 – 800100125649.51000916413Emerald green
790 – 90015055030101505608113Flame red
890 – 100015055031101000916514Black
1000 – 2000100091612White
1500 – 2000100091613Green
  1. PLEASE NOTE: If the controller is set for both the upper and lower trip pressure, setpoint values for the upper and lower trip pressure (pdso and pdsu) must be at least 10% greater than the total of the values specified for Δpwo and Δpwu (pdso-pdsu)min = 1.1 * (Δpwo + Δpwu)
  2. The higher AG group applies to the first half of the setting range, the lower AG to the second half.

The direct acting gas pressure regulator HON 380 is designed to keep
the outlet pressure of a gaseous medium as constant as possible in the connected downstream pipeline (regulating line), regardless of the influence of interfering values such as inlet pressure and/or gas consumption changes. The device consists of the valve body and the function units
“GPR with regulating assembly” and “SSV controller/control unit”.


After undoing the fastening screws, the complete function units can easily be removed from the valve body so that they can be subjected to a visual inspection during scheduled maintenance work. In the event of a defect, it is possible to replace the function units quickly with tested replacement units and relocate the maintenance work from the gas pressure regulating station to the workshop. The outlet pressure for regulating is supplied to the GPR regulating assembly and the SSV controller through measuring lines.

The measuring diaphragm in the regulating assembly records the actual value
of the outlet pressure and compares it to the reference value specified by the setpoint spring. A standard deviation directly influences the control element setting via the valve stem. The change in flow rate brought about by this results in adjusting the outlet pressure actual value to the setpoint value. If the consumption rate is zero, the device closes tight and the lock-up pressure is applied to it.
The control element on the safety shut-off valve on the inlet side shuts down
the gas flow if the outlet pressure in the regulating line is above or below a specific trip pressure. During this process, the SSV measuring diaphragm
moves with the switch sleeve into the appropriate release position while the spherical locking mechanism releases the SSV valve stem and the SSV control element closes. The SSV can only be locked in its open position by hand if
the outlet pressure at the measuring site differs from the set trip pressure setpoint by at least the specified relocking differentials for high or low pressure. The SSV can also be fitted with a manual or remote release as an option. In addition, it can be designed in function class A (with a diaphragm break safety device) and B (without a diaphragm break safety device) as an option.


HON 380 in DN 80, DN 100

NominalValve body DmmSafety shut-off valve E*        ØF mm mm
DN 25 (1’’)184647275255105
DN 50 (2’’)254878780255105
DN 80 (3’’)29814914919095250300max. 180
DN 100 (4’’)352185164225110300310max. 180
sizeGØHJGØHJ*GØH          J
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm        mm
DN 25 (1’’)DN 50 (2’’)DN 80 (3’’)DN 100 (4’’)405 297105525  250105
DN 25 (1’’)1816343234
DN 50 (2’’)242235413841
DN 80 (3’’)73797179
DN 100 (4’’)89958595

Space for removal

RE0Actuator SSV controller/control unit
Measuring line Breather line                   Measuring and breather line
Pipe 16 x 2 (thread G ½)Pipe 12 x 1.5 (thread G ½)Pipe 12 x 1.5 (thread G 3/8)
RE1Pipe 12 x 1.5
Pipe 12 x 1.5 on the device
Pipe 12 x 1.5 (thread G ½)
RE2Pipe 16 x 2
Pipe 12 x 1.5 on the device
Pipe 12 x 1.5 (thread (G ½)

Pipe unions to DIN EN ISO 8434-1 (DIN 2353)

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