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Honeywell HF561 Fixed Wide-angle 2D Image Scanner

image scanner product

Please power off the computer before connecting the scanner, and then power on the computer after the scanner is fully connected.

Power Adapter (if included)

power adapter

Note: Please refer to the user guide for the information on the cleaning equipment.

USB Connection
usb connection

RS232 Connection

connection 1

Notes: The separated blue and yellow wires can connect to an external beeper or LED indicator if needed. Please find the detailed information in the User Guide.

Mounting Information


M3 screws shall be used and the maximum length is 5.5mm/0.22in. Maximum torque is 4.5kg/lbf and the maximum drawing force is 750N.

Reading Skills

  • To acquire a good reading effect, the scanner center shall be aligned to the barcode, but the alignment can be made at any direction to facilitate reading.
  • When the scanner aligns to the barcode, the scanner shall be close to the barcode if the barcode is too small; if the barcode is large, the scanner shall be slightly away from the barcode, so that the scanner can more easily read the barcode.
  • If the reflectance on the surface of barcode is high (e.g., film coating), you may need to incline the scanner at an angle, so that the scanner can more easily read the barcode.

Factory Default
USB Version Interface Setting
USB version supports USB HID and USB virtual serial port. The user may scan the following barcode to switch.

  1. USB keyboard interface
  2. USB keyboard interface

Indicator Setting

  1. Indicator ON
  2. Indicator OFF

Enter/ Tab Setting

  1. Add Enter
  2. Add Tab
  3. Cancel Enter/ Tab

Technical Support
For contact information on technical support, after-sales service and maintenance, please visit
User Documentation
For a localized version of this document and to download the “User Guide”, please visit
Valid Warranty
For warranty information, please visit, and click Resources > Warranty
For patent information, please visit


  • Honeywell reserves the rights to revise the specifications and other information in this document without prior notice. Regardless of whether there are any revisions, the reader is advised to refer to the final explanation by Honeywell. The information in this document does not represent Honeywell’s pledge.
  • Honeywell is not accountable for any technical or editorial mistakes or omissions in this document, and is not responsible for accidents or indirect harm caused by equipment, demonstration or use of this material. Honeywell disclaims all liability for the results of the choice and/ or use of this hardware/ software for specific purposes.
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Names and Content of Hazardous Substances in the Product
Parts NameHazardous Substances
The table is created by SJ/T11364 requirement. o: Indicates that this hazardous substance contained in all of the homogeneous materials for this part is below the limit requirement in China’s GB/T26572. x: Indicates that this hazardous substance contained in at least one of the homogeneous materials for this part is above the limit requirement in China’s GB/T26572.
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Documents / Resources

Honeywell HF561 Fixed Wide-angle 2D Image Scanner [pdf] User Guide
HF561, Fixed Wide-angle 2D Image Scanner


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