Getting Started

Turn off computer’s power before connecting the scanner, then power up the computer once the scanner is fully connected. When the base is connected and powered up, put the scanner in the base to establish a link. The green LED on the base flashes to indicate the scanner’s battery or charge pack is charging.
Power Supply Assembly (if included)

Note: The power supply must be ordered separately, if needed.

Connecting the Base USB:

Note: If you are charging the scanner using the USB cable, the current available for charging is reduced and charge times are increased. Charging via the power supply is faster.
Keyboard Wedge:
Connecting the Base USB:
RS232 Serial Port:

Reading Techniques

The view finder projects an aiming beam that should be centered over the barcode, but it can be positioned in any direction for a good read. Note: If the scanner beeps 3 times when scanning a barcode, the link has not been established. If the scanner beeps once, the link has been established.

SR Models:

XR Models:

Standard Product Defaults

The following barcode resets all standard product default settings.
Standard Product Defaults

USB Serial

If you are using a Microsoft® Windows® PC, you must download a driver from the Honeywell website. The driver will use the next available COM Port number. Scan the following code to program the scanner to emulate a regular RS232-based COM Port. Apple® Macintosh computers recognize the scanner as a USB CDC class device and automatically use a class driver.
a close up of a piano
USB Serial
Note: No extra configuration (e.g., baud rate) is necessary.
USB PC Keyboard Scan the following code to program the scanner for a USB PC Keyboard.
background pattern
USB PC Keyboard

Keyboard Country

Scan the appropriate country code below to program the keyboard layout for your country or language. By default, national replacements are used for the following characters: #$@[\]^`{|}~. Refer to the ISO 646 Character Replacements chart in your User Guide to view the character replacements for each
a close up of a piano
USA (Default)






Great Britain




Note: For a complete list of country codes, see the User Guide for your product.

If you link a scanner to a base using the Locked Link Mode, other scanners are blocked from being linked if they are inadvertently placed into the base. If you do place a different scanner into the base, it will charge the scanner, but the scanner will not be linked.

Locked Link Mode (Single Scanner) To use a different scanner, you need to unlink the original scanner by scanning the Unlink Scanner barcode.
Override Locked Scanner
If you need to replace a broken or lost scanner that is linked to a base, scan the Override Locked Scanner barcode with a new scanner, and place that scanner in the base. The locked link will be overridden; the broken or lost scanner’s link with the base will be removed, and the new scanner will be linked.

Override Locked Scanner
Unlinking the Scanner 
If the base has a scanner linked to it, that scanner must be unlinked before a new scanner can be linked. Once the previous scanner is unlinked, it will no longer communicate with the base. Scan the Unlink Scanner barcode to unlink a scanner.

Unlink Scanner


The following barcodes will allow you to use the scanner in Manual Trigger – Normal Mode (need to press the trigger to read) or Presentation mode (the scanner is activated when it “sees” a barcode). Note: Presentation Mode continuously draws power, so use of
the external power supply is recommended for this mode.

Manual Trigger – Normal (Default)

Presentation Mode

Streaming PresentationTM

When in Streaming Presentation mode, the scanner leaves the scan illumination on all the time and continuously searches for barcodes.

Streaming Presentation Mode


If you want a carriage return after the barcode, scan the Add CR Suffix barcode. To add a tab after the barcode, scan the Add Tab Suffix barcode. Otherwise, scan the Remove Suffix barcode to remove the suffixes.

Add CR Suffix

Add Tab Suffix

Remove Suffix

Add Code ID Prefix to all Symbologies Scan the following barcode if you wish to add a Code ID prefix to all symbologies at once.

Add Code ID Prefix To All Symbologies (Temporary)
Note: For a complete list of Code IDs, see the User Guide for your product.

Function Code Transmit

When this selection is enabled and function codes are contained within the scanned data, the scanner transmits the function code to the terminal. Charts of these function codes are provided in your User Guide. When the scanner is in keyboard wedge mode, the scan code is converted to a key code before it
is transmitted.

Enable (Default)



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Honeywell Cordless Industrial Area-Imaging Scanner [pdf] Instruction Manual
Cordless Industrial Area-Imaging Scanner, XP 1991i

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